16 November 2011

how do you like them apples?

Natural, old style cider made from bittersweet & bittersharp cider apples was the most popular drink in America until Prohibition. Dry, complex and highly refreshing, this delicious drink has been lost for generations.

Austin Eastciders begin production of natural cider in East Austin from 2012 using ancient bittersweet and bittersharp cider apple varieties. Limited edition batches will be available in selected Austin bars during Fall of 2011, blending 12 different Texas apple varieties with 40 different vintage varieties.

14 November 2011

tegan and sara - get along

13 November 2011

Bound By The Ties - Side Seen Moments By Know Hope and Colin Bleus

"The book is composed of a collection of drawings, writings, photographs and other side-seen moments, some from the recent past, and some from very close to the present. 

I sewed, folded and mended, retrieved and recited; tried to understand how we got to where we are now (sunken/sunken/sunken)
This is a book that contains a narrative that speaks of being born into debt, being overwhelmed in a heartbroken world and finding and recognizing eachother in these complexities. 
It attempts to document our rituals-how and why they were created. It is a folk tale of some sort, collective memories compiled like a time-capsule, or fireworks in a jar.
The book is independently published in an edition of 1000 and is comprised of 160 full-color pages."

09 November 2011

07 November 2011

02 November 2011

she& him-  a very she & him christmas