24 December 2002

happy christmas eve. it doesnt feel as if it is christmas eve. i guess ..i duno. as i get older i dont get as excited as i used to get about christmas morning. hmm. well tonight i am staying home in my house watching movies w/ myself. i just finished watching 'amelie'. it was as good as every one has told me it was goin to be. i really liked how it was filmed and the story line. and amelie is really cool..just the things that she is amused by and the whole way she went about doing things. i duno cant explain it. that guy too was interesting. the one who had the picture album of ppl who threw away their pictures at the photo booths. yea i definately recommend seeing that movie. it quickly might become one of my favorites. even tho i had to read the subtitles b/c it was all in french. it was still amazing. each and every character with in itself. yea. see it. next movie to watch. 'the divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood.' this is a movie that i have always wanted to see. i have all the books too but i havent read them. next. ill be back to respond later probly most definately. mwah

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