31 March 2003

yea so this weekend i went home. it was good. friday night i went to church and then hung out w/ the girls afterwards, spent the night at the farinos like i usually do every weekend im home. saturday me and my dad went out to lunch which was good cuz i havent been able to spend that much time w/ him in awhile. then i went home and started working on a painting i have to do for drawing studio. it is a 4x8 foot painting in the abstract expressionism style. i leaned more towards jackson pollack style. i like how it turned out alot. and ernie came over and we chilled and talked bout the Lord. saturday night i went to a concert at william and mary...dismemberment plan. it wasnt that good so i left early. sunday -church and then la tol teca, then for dinner casa maya for a friends fund raiser..the girls from richmond came down to support. then back to richmond that night. now today was insane. it was the busiest day ever. and to top it off i found out i probly cant go to the fleetwood mac show. my roomates fish died too tonight. that blows. RIP augustus

26 March 2003

i got into painting and printmaking. the major that i was more leaning to. so im happy. i actually got a really good score on my portfolio too. i got 4.5 out of 5. i personally didnt think my portfolio was that good but i guess they liked it. hm. so yea im happy that i dont have to worry about that anymore and i know what im going to be doing. im still going to be listening to Gods voice about it all tho. so yea just wanted to let ya know. thanx for everyone that was praying for me. peace

24 March 2003

yea so i didnt get into photography. but its ok. i guess God didnt want me to do that. the only thing i am mad about tho is that i left a bad impression of my work on them. b/c the portfolio that i turned in was definately not my best work. i didnt have alot of my photography here to show them. so yea but whatever. so this week is probly gonna be and already is the most stressful week of my life. i dont even want to talk about how much stuff i did today and i only had one hour long class! tomorrow im gonna have alot of stuff on top of class from 820-430. eesh. never underestimate art school. its not easy. mmm so yea on another note. i encourage everyone to listen to sigur ros and muse. they are the two bands that i have been listening to non stop for like 2 weeks straight. very very good. download them right away
what an awesome day it is outside. this morning i turned in my portfolio for photography i find out tonight if i got in or not. i think i am more leaning toward painting and printmaking tho which i apply to on wednesday. yea so did you know that the rotton doughy smell around richmond are those gorgeous white pear trees? yea i was just informed about that. things arent what they seem huh. well i dont want to sit around this dorm anymore. im out. peace

21 March 2003

im at jmu. i had to escape richmond for awhile. i really have alot of work to do included applying to my majors next week and havin to put together 4 portfolios for that buttt i brought it all w/ me. i also have a art history test on monday that i dont want to take. i havet been doin that good in that class lately. like we have been learning boring stuff so i never want to go..im always late...and she keeps throwin these random quizes at us that i bomb everytime. so life has been kinda rough lately but im forced to not focus on myself right now b/c of the war. this war is big time and i know that i need to be prayin hardcore for everything involving.

15 March 2003

yesturday in the wonderfully boring town of williamsburg this is what i did. i woke up i duno when around 12 probly i forget...ill say 1 since i love sleeping and when i think about sleeping i get excited. so after i got dressed, pulled the dreads back and jumped in my bug i went over to ritz camera b/c there is this really cool machine that you can put your digital camera memory card in and get pictures printed out that actually look like real hard copies...and plus it saves the usin all the ink from the 70 dollar ink cartirage in my printer. so i got ended up only gettin 9 pictures out of my 130 that i have saved on my camera. only the best of the best are worth hard copies...the rest are stored away on zip disks for occasional glances. so after this i couldnt help but walk next store and bless myself w/ a caramel frap from starbucks..my favorite drink of all times. next i went to tj max and i got this new backpack thing that was 40 bones and now is reduced to 17 bones. next was heaven and earth to check out the newest music that is out to see what i can borrow from ppl and burn copies of ;-) then i ended up lastly goin to the town thrift store and ended up sittin in there for 2 hours watching the movie 'three men and a little lady' i havent seen that in awhile..the bad news is that when it was like 10 minutes from being over they decided to work on the tvs and so i stomped out angrily and drove off home to then want to go to see chicago the movie w/ my mom but i asked her 5 minutes before it started and she had already settled down. so i ended up just chillin w/ my friend kelsey. we sat around thinkin of all the many nothings to do williamsburg and we ended up goin and rentin a movie that we didnt watch and went to my friend joys house. joy was havin a craving for my favorite restaurant that i never get to go to b/c nobody else likes it...red hot and blue. the best place that vegetarians all hate where ribs are a indulged. we went there and got some nachos w/ pulled pork, pulled chicken, and chili and then to top it off i got some banana pudding. mmmm...the best. then the restaurant was closing and we were the last ones in there and we felt bad so we drove 3 doors down to resit ourselves into another restaurant you might know of...dennys. we stayed in there until 2 in the morning i think. we were so ridiculously bored we sat there felt bad for the waitor b/c we were only goin to order waters and so kelsey got an applejuice and joy got a cappicino which he ended up not even charging us for and we tipped him double what the check came out to be b/c he was cool guy. we ended up prank callin ppl and calling eachothers cellphone to listen to our new answering machine messages that we also worked on in our boredom. when we finally decided to leave i dropped joy off and my and kelsey went back to my house to watch 'one hour photo' w/ robin williams in it. it was good...kind of oddly scarey. so i went to bed at 4 and was woken up by the sound of my dads voice tellin me that me and my mom were leavin in a half hour to go see chicago at the movie theater. yea so i just got back from that. it was a movie musical. i really liked it. kinda sketch but good. so yea now im eatin some girl scout thin mints and watchin myself type. would you like some chubby grape soda? mwah

13 March 2003

man this break is goin by realy fast. it seems like i havent been able to just sit down and relax at all...baltimore/new york/baltimore again/burg at the farinos and then aaron came over and we went to get icecream and hung out for a bit/virginiabeach to hang out w/ the girls, and saw my grandparents/ back to the burg but straight to church and then hung out w/ brandy/today i am goin to cnu to hang out w/ some more friends maybe hit up some thriftstores. i mean i like havin alot of stuff to do but i know that that will make the week go by faster and i dont want that either. i dont want to go back to skool. i just keep tellin myself that there are only 6 weeks left after i come back. i gg spend time w/ my Jesus. mwah

11 March 2003

this past weekend was great. thursday night my mom came and picked me up and we drove up to baltimore. one of my teachers from highskool just moved to baltimore and we had been talkin about takin a trip to new york together. so got to her house around 10 or so and we just chilled that night had some hot tea and talked bout our lives. friday morn we got up pretty early to get started on our day. we went to two museums in baltimore and then at night we went to the aquarium. there was a special sea horse and sea dragon exhibit there that was sweet. we were out all day so when we got home we were so tired. but before we went home we went to this diner for dinner. i wasnt really hungry cuz i just had a caramel frap from starbucks. but it was still fun cuz the diner was cool. saturday we got up and left baltimore by 930 to drive to new york. we got there and went right to our hotel. we followed the navigation system on our car so it took us like this weird way thru the city and we got in traffic a bit but it was all good. as my mom said "we are on an adventure" . so we got to our hotel...our rooms were 2x2 ft big but hey good enough for me..we werent in there that much anyways but to sleep. so that night in new york we went to dinner and then we went to the metropolitian art museum. this was one of the main reasons that i wanted to come to new york. b/c there was a leonardo divinci show there. it is one of the rarest shows the have had. it was like 6 rooms of his drawings from his sketchbooks, his studies and stuff. it was amazing. it was stuff from 25 different galleries and plus stuff that had never been released from the vatican. before we went and saw all that tho me and my mom went thru some of the other sections of the museum...the impressionists, modern art, surrealism, and this one photographer..thomas struth who was really good too. after wards we went to this italian new york desert place called venieros. if youre ever in new york find this place! it rocks so much. so yea we got to ride around on the subways alot which is definately my favorite part of new york. sunday we went to this museum chelsea that was really cool. we went to a pizza place to eat and then we went to a modern dance show by paul taylor. which was good. i didnt think that iwould like it but it was very modern. so yea then we went back to our hotel and then drove back to baltimore...i stayed up till 3 w/ my teacher looking at old pictures of her and her husbands families. and then monday morn we drove back home and now i can relax on my break. im goin to virginia beach today w/ some friends they are pickin me up in a few...gg. mwah

03 March 2003

me and the girls at my church decided to start a page dedicated to our poems and songs and stuff that we write. and also stuff that the Lord is speakin to us about. we will eventually have a site that all our artwork will go on too.

daughters of zion
We remain faceless to give Glory to God; we have come together for one purpose: to see His face; when we are in his presence, the living God speaks to us; here is our testimony of the goodness of God.
[the link is on the right. click away and go see.]

02 March 2003

this weekend was fun. friday night we all went over to nicoles for like her going away party and we all brought like poems or songs w/ had wrote and we all shared. it was great. [there are pictures on my picture page if ya wanna see them:: the link is over the right w/ my other links] then saturday my family picked me up and we went to dc. first we went to the mall and i bought some new shoes. they are cute. then that night we went to see the wizards vs. bulls basketball game to see michael jordan play. it was a good game. jordan wasnt on tho he only made like 11 points. but im glad i got to see him b/c this is the last season before he retires. it was a great weekend just hangin out w/ my family too. i am so lucky to have them. i love them alot. now its time to work on art projects..arg