28 November 2002

yesturday i went to my studios..had to be the longest day ever b/c i knew that as soon as i was done that i was done for the rest of the week for break. well i got out of design around 1030 then i chilled went to eat with sheree then went to class at 1 and ended up gettin out around 230. i met up w/ meaghan and we went to the skool clinic cuz she had to go and we both wanted to get flu shots..yea so i ended up gettin the last flu shot so she didnt have to go thru the intense pain that i have been goin thru...feels like i have a limp arm and my muscle really hurts...remind me to just get the flu next time! so yea we hung out..then went to get mike and we went and ate dinner. thenn i drove home. i got home around 630 or so..i was welcomed by my whole family outside..dont ask me why they were all outside..they were doin somethin. and i got to see my wonderful precious loveing favoriate dog, my puppy bella. aww she is so sweet i missed her so much. she looks like a walkin foot stool. so cute... then i went to church and then i went to marys house and hung out w/ her and angela and jeff. then i went to the farinos and sat and talked to patty for about 2 hours. it was great bein there.. i miss them so much bein in skool. it was great to be back at the house. i chilled there and spent the night on my favorite couch. woke up about 11 today and went home to an empty house ate some popcorn chicken took a shower and yea..commercial break:
63% addicted to Instant Messenger. How about you?

eek. well ya so today i hung out w/ joy..we were gonna go shopping but we ended up walkin around the outlets for awhile...goin in 2 stores one being lilian vernen...eesh and the other was sandboard cafe to see renee but she left ten minutes before we got there...then after that we wanted to do something else and we ended up goin to her uncles golf shop...yea we definately hung out there for like 2 hours. it was fun tho. mikey was there and we all putted on this mini green he had in there. it actually didnt seem like that long cuz they are just halarious to hang out w/. after that we went to joys dads house and we talked to him for bout 2 hours too. that was awesome cuz he was tellin us all these stories about the mission field. then we went to see my daddy at the bowling alley. watched him get all strikes and spares..he was doin awesome. then we took his car for a drive cuz i havent driven it yet. that thing has the best pick up...gettin onthe interstate i went from 30 to 100 in seriously 5 seconds. after that we went back to the farinos for a bit. i was excited b/c marna was home. then me and marna left and went to marks for a bit and then us three drove out to ernies...he lives so far away and all we did was basically get there and leave...we got in his new 300 dollar station wagon he just got. ha it rocked. we went to dennys and drank coffee and talked for awhile. it was really fun hangin out w/ all them. thennn we drove back out to ernies and picked up marks car and peaced out. went back to marks house to get my car then went and dropped marna off. now im home...charging my cell phone..checkin my email and goin to bed...man i havent slept in my bed in a long time. it will be weird sleepin in a queen size bed..im so used to the twin beds in my dorm. i can sleep diagonally if i want..hey. well yea i got to get up in the morning to drive to virginia beach to eat a lot of food on turkey day. night kids.

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