29 April 2003

my concert reveiw for the damone, further seems forever, juliana theory, the ataris show

ok well the first band is damone or something. yea they were pretty good. further was the fav of the four bands. further just puts on such a good show. i love their music alot and jason has really good stage presence i think. mostly all of the stuff they played was their new stuff except one song...but i cant think of the title of it but i like their new stuff better anyways. juliana theory was really good too. great song list mostly they played their new stuff too. some old stuff like 'into the dark' and 5000 screaming children..whatever that one is called but the lead singer annoys me. he is so conceited and arogant now and i dont like that. they didnt used to be that way.. i mean they are a christian band and it seems the more big they get and now that they are mainstream he is gonna get a even bigger head that will be their downfall, i duno. but i did get to meet him and you could tell his arrogence even more watchin him talk to ppl like he wouldnt even look at them in the eye. and yea but i got him to talk to one of my friends on the phone which was cool and i got his autograph, and i met the guitarest from further, and the guitarist from juliana theory too. ataris were really good. i have never seen them before much less really heard any of their music except a few songs. they played 3 songs i knew. and they did put on a good show too. it was really cool ...the lead singer at one point was playing guitar and he jumped into the crowd and they pushed him back onstage and he kept playing. and when they played 'san dimas high school football rules' they pulled a random guy out of the audience and let him play lead guitar on that song which i thought was really cool. the show didnt get out till around 11 or something. oh and i got a further shirt. it is really cool. it is a black shirt. the front: it has a star at the top and then underneath that is FSF w/ two little lions w/ wing gargoyles kind of, and then 'further seems forever' is written in and arch over a girl, just her shoulders up. it is a highcontrast profile. and how the arch is it looks like "lights beams " are shining up from behind her head. the back is blank. so yea the concert was great.. so thats all for that. mwah

28 April 2003

this week in a short overveiw: monday i slept in, skipped class and came back to town in time for dinner and bible study. tuesday class all day. design- went and signed in and he gave us a two hour break. we came back turned in our projects, critiqued them and left the class . i got an 'a' in the class for the semester. lunch, 1pm- drawing studio- turned in my matisse painting and left. i got a 'b' in there for the semester. tuesday night i went to dinner w/ maggie and erin to larick dining hall, then we went to chi alpha. wednesday- early 730 leadership meeting, back to sleep, lunch, class at 1 and had a quiz which i did really good on i think. chill, dinner, prayer at 530, homework. thursday- another long day but its ok b/c it was the last day of afo forever. morning- drawing fundamentals, we turned in our portfolios and left and then came back at 1150 to pick it up. i got an 'a' in that class. lunch, 1pm- c&p: we all critiqued and showed off our final projects. there are so many good projects that come out of that class from everyone. i did the installation w/ the fake pictures. [there are pictures of it and my matisse painting on my pic page.] thursday night- me, anne, and vicki go together and played guitar and keyboard. intervarsity at 7. then we hung out afterwards at these girls house for icecream. then came back to my dorm to play more guitar w/ all the girls. friday- vicki's bday, met w/ sheree, went thriftstore shopping and bought lots of stuff then brought it all home and stayed in the burg for a few hours. dropped all the stuff off and went to see my dad and then went to starbucks w/ joy for a frap. friday night- went to dinner and then the vcu dance department senior projects. amazing modern dance. i really like modern dance alot. then back to my dorm w/ the girls to play more guitar and keyboard. saturday- courtship seminar, lunch w/ my parents, got a new bike, cookout at kristens [our apartment next year]! sunday- woke up to the smell of a rotting dead carcus which later ends up to be claires rotting chinese food. arg., church, mom and dad helped me move alot of stuff out. went to carytown w/ griselle my suitemate and i bought a 'Jesus is my homeboy' shirt. then came back and got ready to leave for norfolk. we left at 5 so we stopped in newport news a fazolis for dinner. mmm chicken parmasean. and marna and aidan came to join us too. yay. always good seein them since i dont get to that much anymore. then we made our way to norfolk for the FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER, JULIANA THEORY AND THE ATARIS concert. ill type out more of a review of that later... cuz i just got home and its late..just know it was amazing. mwah. my room is bald.

22 April 2003

this was a good weekend. i stayed at vcu till saturday afternoon b/c i wanted to go to the vcu art sale. that is a end of the year sale all the art majors sell their stuff. so that was cool. and i bought two things. a print and another print. they rock and will look great in my apartment next year. speaking of buying stuff. i sold one of my shirts that i did for my c&p project. it is my first. im so excited. so then i went home and met up w/ joy and stephanie and then went to CW to catch jason upton. there was a thing called 'one voice' in williamsburg on saturday where alot of different denominations of churches came together and ppl came together for a night of singing and stuff. and then jason played at the end. it was the same "show" sat at 2 and sat at 8. so we caught jason in the day and then went to the whole "show" sat night. then after that joy and stephanie came to my house and joy gave me my first of many piano lessons. im so excited about learning and having another way to worship the Lord. and then she taught me this one song that she wrote that is really good and the lyrics are on my info on aim as of today. sunday morn [happy easter] me my dad and my sis went to church at williamsburg community chapel. then we met up w/ my mom and went to lunch together as a family :) it was great. after that i went home and just chilled and i also went to the tanning bed and rocked out to morning star on the radio. mm hmm. after that i went home slept a bit and then met up w/ everyone at kimball theater once again for a whole night of jason upton leading worship. man it was amazing. jason is so anointed. its insane i cant even explain it. so that went from 7-10:30. and then after that we talked to brandon, jasons guitar player for a bit and he hooked us up w/ some cds. and then i went to joys for a bit, ate some food, talked w/ her and paula and then went home to bed. monday morn i was suposed to get up go to the tanning bed again and then go back to richmond by one for class....ooops i definately woke up at 12 and skipped my one oclock, didnt go to the tanning bed, went by joys and got my keyboard, went and made copies of songs and then came back to richmond. and tonight i led bible study. i think that it went good. i spoke out of the book of Hosea about the love of the Lord for us even tho we are sinners and his love is never ending and never changing. he has such amazing patience for us. thank you Lord. and then i played the girls joys song on my keyboard. then we hung out for a bit afterwards talking bout boys and life and then i came home escorted by vicki and anne and now im working on a painting [matisse style] and listening to fleetwood mac. mwah

17 April 2003

today was a busy non stop but good day. 740 breakfast w/ my roomate. these too dread head had to be drunk guys came up to me and wanted me to come sit w/ them so i did for a second knowing that any minute i could use the excuse that i have to go to class and not be lying. class from 820-1130. then i ran to hibbs for lunch got my two chicken soft tacos w/ some sour cream and cheese and then met abi at the library. then all 5 of us girls met at the apartment that we are moving into next year and made it official. we are so excited about it and that we dont have to worry about it anymore. its a great awesome place and we each get our own room! so yea then i had to run back to class at 1 and i got out of that early at like 2 and then went to old navy w/ lillian. i got alot of stuff. i was excited. i like that store. even tho i dont like brand names i do like old navy. then after that i went back to the offices of the realtor for my apartment and had to write my check and sign the lease. then i came back to my dorm for a few and went right back out to go eat and then me and vicki went to see my friend erik's band play [pash] at mary washington college. the opening band [the versificator] was really good too. they were all instrumental. very very good. hard to explain their sound tho. pash was really good too. a girl is the lead singer which always rocks. and her voice is really good. i got a lot of cool pictures of them ill put them on my site eventually. and i got pash's 4 song demo that i listened to on the way back to richmond. it is w/out drums but i like it alot still. awesome sound. so yea everyone should come see them play when they come to holy chow in richmond on the 22nd. k time to sleep. mwah

15 April 2003

today i had to pee and my bathroom door was locked shut from the inside
the highlight of my day

lillian: (i almost walk into some dude holding a tray full of food) oh sorry!
lauren: dude, that was jason from church.
lillian: oh, i didn't recognize him... he's wearing a different outfit.

13 April 2003

so yea this weekend was great. my roomate went to florida on thursday and she comes back tonight. but it was the first weekend that she left this whole semester so i was really excited to just chill and have nobody around for a bit. i was playing my music non stop for once. i got alot of new cds this weekend [thanx to tyler] i got the new ben harper, moby:18, ani difranco: evolve, and the new white stripes cd. so ive been listening to them alot. they are all good. thursday night i just spent in my room reading and spending time w/ the Lord. friday i met w/ sheree, went to lunch, and then later later that night i met up w/ vinny and lillian. we went to starbucks and then bowling. now listen to this. im horrible at bowling and so is vinny ...lillian didnt play. she was our cheerleader. and i was beating vinny the whole time trippling his score at one point in the 6 frame. [15 to 45] and then he decided to get 2 strikes and a spare and he ended up beating me 89 to 65. can you believe that crap. ha. so then we were really cool and didnt want to wait in line just to pay so we went to the other register and made the take our money there and then lillian tried to walk off w/ a stand up sign thing and they yelled at her. we set a genius world record for being the coolest ppl that night. we know everyone wanted to be us. sike. so then after that we went to the canal walk. now that was freaking scarey. if you havent ever been there at night then you should. it was really fun tho. ha. after that we went to bottoms up pizza and got some really good bread tracks and talked about life. did i mention that we were sporting lillians moms woody van the whole night. even cooler. k so saturday lillian and vinny talked me into going to tikvat which is a messianic jew temple. it was actually really cool and interesting. after the service they have free lunch too. always a bonus. next we went to ukrops and i got my tickets for juliana theory concert and evanescence concert. thennn i went home and sat outside and read. i got a pretty awesome tan on ONE side. eek. all good tho. im italian it will balance out eventually. so later that night we had the gathering of the princesses. it was a girls night. we got all dressed up in prom dresses, did eachothers makeup, and decorated the church basement, and had a huge dinner w/ a server and took lots of pictures [which are on my site]. after that i went home and finished reading 'redeeming love' this morning i went to church and then afterwards my parents came to visit me and they took me to lunch and then helped me move some stuff out of my dorm. it was great as always hanging out w/ them. i loved it. then i went to the art museum to get info to write a paper. and now i am suposed to be writing it. becky came over for awhile and i got all her pictures she took on her digital on my comp. [they are on my picture page too now] so yea tomrrow morn im registering for classes and gettin my parking pass for the fall. now i listening to the white stripes and drinkin tea. mwah

09 April 2003

the project i have been working on is complete. there is a link to see the pictures to the right on this page. the link says 'fake pictures' go see and tell me what you think. mwah

08 April 2003

so im working on this project and it is really gonna be awesome. i went around and took lots of pictures of ppl holding up fake smiles w/ their pointer fingers. and it is all to show that ppl hide their pain behind facades of fake happiness. im going to eventually put the picture series on my picture page but not yet. so i am taking the pictures and printing them out 8x10 and transfering them onto white shirts, cutting them out and sewing them onto the backs of black tshirts and on the front im going to have this song lyric from a mewithoutYou song "she put on happiness like loose dress over pain". so i am doing 6 shirts w/ each a different picture of a girl. i want to continue this project into more projects that go w/ this one. maybe continue to make shirts until i have one for each day of the year. i have alot of pictures of guys w/ the fake smile too. so we will see what i come up with. im just excited about it and its my fav thing ive done in afo so far. so yea. more talk later. mwah

07 April 2003

sunday i was in virginia beach. i went to church at my cusins church called virginia beach christian life center. it is a really great church. i love their pastor and they their church alot. it was great seeing my cusins too since i dont get to see them that oftem. after church me and vicky went out to lunch w/ her mom to this place called uncle al's that vicky likes alot. it was pretty good. the best part was the sweet potato fries that i had. mmm i love those. after lunch we went back to vickys and hung out there for awhile i was reading my book [redeeming love] and we were waiting for abi to call us. later we met up w/ her took her to get her stuff and then we drove to norfolk....we were gonna go to the beach and lay out but it ended up being really cold out so that was out so then we planned on goin to norfolk and goin thrifting..that ended up not working out either. b/c all of them were closed sunday and we were goin to go to dumars for dinner and that wasnt open either. ha. so we ended up going to macarther mall ,we went to american eagle and i got these two cute shirts, and bag and a necklace. and i got a free cd w/ it all too. so when we were about to another store we noticed the metals bars were comin down on the store and we soon found out the mall closed at 6. so we were there for about 30 minutes and now had to leave. ha. so then we went to sonics for dinner. that was cool . i had never been there before. you drive up into a parking spot and each spot has an individual togo speaker thing and you press a button, order, and then they bring your food out to you. it rocks. and finally.....what we had been waiting for all weekend...we drove to chesapeake to the waterdeep concert! there was a girl who opened for them her name is katy bowser. she was precious...really cute funny personality and her music was really good. it was just her on an acoustic guitar. and one song w / laurie from waterdeep about coffee. ha it was great. after she played waterdeep came on and they ended up playing for like 2 hours. it was amazing show. they just jammed alot flowin in the spirit and don talked alot about random funny things like he always does. it was awesome. i got some good pictures ill put on my site soon. after the show i got a free poster from this guy who was workin the waterdeep stand and i got the whole band to sign it for me and i met them all too which was really cool. cuz i have only seen them live one other time and that was in kansas city at the conference i went to over xmas break and i didnt get to meet them then. yea so i ended up spending all kinds of money. i got this sweet waterdeep shirt that is dark gray w/ waterdeep written just plainly on the front, i got katy bowsers cd cuz i wanted to support her [and i met her and got her to sign the cd cover] and i got waterdeep's drummer brandons side project bands cd, their band is called pepper shaker. it is an all instrumental cd. it is so so good. im glad i got it. and i got him to sign that too. so yea we didnt end up leaving until 11 which is alot later then we thought we would leave. we got home around 1230 which isnt that late. so yea im gonna go read. mwah

05 April 2003

today was a better day in the life of me. i guess its been ruff lately. i duno why. but yea last night i went bike riding at like midnight w/ my friend maggie and that was really cool. she is a fun person to hang out w/. i like riding my bike around. and we talked about God and stuff. today i got up and met up w/ sheree for a bit and talked about life. and then i went to the hibb and it was great i had chicken and pasta and on my way out the desert lady hooked me up w/ a to-go cup full of oreo pie....mmmmm. when i came back me and my suitemate went to river city tatoo b/c she wanted to get her tongue peirced again. and i ended up splurging and buying this 65 dollar organic earings for indonesia that rock so much. then i came back and went and read outside in the sun in the courtyard of my dorm for like an hour. [ i am reading this book called 'redeeming love' by francine rivers. it is really good. it is based out of the book of Hosea in the bible. but the book is a novel. ] so yea i sat out and got some sun [which i want to work on more this summer then last summer. i tan easily so even if i dont try i get tan but i want to get really tan. i know i cant ever beat my sister tho. i did one summer but not anymore now that she works at a tanning bed place. ] after that i came back in my dorm and slept from 4 until 630. then i went to hibbs for dinner and read more of my book . then at 730 i went to annas play w/ all the girls and then we drove out to TGI Fridays for a surprise party for ericas 21st bday. it was a great time and she was really surprised and loved it alot. i was happy for her she deserved it. so we were there pretty late. after that some of us went to walmart [me,lillian, becky, kasmine, daniel and vinny] we had a great time. we were origianally just going there to get tshirt transfer paper for me and then peacing out but we ended up almost gettin kicked out..ha. we were playing w/ bouncy balls and fighting w/ haulk hands and then we were chasing eachother and throwing stuff at eachother like rubber spiders and stuff..ha it was funny. after that lillian dropped me off and i forgot my stuff i got at walmart in her car but ill get it tomorrow. now im home. i took alot of pictures that will probly be on my site soon. i did a whole blur series. aight kids. mwah

03 April 2003

i played ping pong today it was fun then the ball fell off the table and it kept rolling and got lost
7 bracelets on my right arm
2 on my left inlcluding my watch

life is hard to understand and live sometimes. i started another blogger so that i can vent in it. but its a secret. i am the only reader...well me and God.
"are you religious? i saw your tatoo," someone asked me that today. man... that sucked. it stinks when ppl only know that i am a christian b/c of my tatoo or b/c of something that i have written in my profile or blogger. i want to live the life..i want ppl to ask me what is different about me. i want ppl to see Jesus in me