14 July 2003

interesting information that i have never thought of asking about but wanted to know the answer to

: : : : i was asked this question today in class. what does the saying the birds and bees have to do with having sex.

: "Ah, what a beautiful day. The birds are out. The bees are trying to have sex with them ... as of my understanding."

Ah.Now we come to the heart of your problem. No, indeed, the bee is not having sex with the bird. Or vice (pardon the pun) versa. The bees are happily doing it within their own species. Likewise the birds (singing for a reason) are breeding with their own. The phrase "birds and bees" is a way of communicating common, visible examples of sexual activity to illuminate the idea that all living creatures breed and propagate. The example (or synecdoche, if you will) is a means of illustrating this truth to children.
today my parents came up to see me. ym mom bought me some curtains for my windows since they are huge and in the moring it is so bright and i wake up sweating. so sewed them for me to fit the window and then they came up to put them up and everything. i love my parents. then me and anne and them went out to dinner. but around 11:30 pm things got interesting. i was over at megan and xtina's apartment just hangin out and helpin megan put together her microwave stand when all of a sudden my phone rings. it was anne. she said 'lauren do you know the emergency number to reach steve rula b/c the fire alarm is going off on the third floor and i called 911 and the fire department are coming. i dont smell smoke or anything tho.' so i walked back over to my apartment and the fire truck was in the middle of n.morris. and a fireman greeted me and 4 more did as i walked up the stairs. they all asked me if i lived on the third floor. and i let them down when i said no. but they had already broke the door down and gotten in. the informed me that there was no fire but there was just faulty detectors and that they couldnt turn them off. so me, anne and one other fireman walked down the alley to try and find steve rula [our landlords] house to get him and ask him about it. ends up we run into a guy who works for him and he goes and gets the other part owner of our apartment. so he comes over and they figure out ..using my new ladder that i just bought today to put up my new curtains [that my mom made for me that i like alot and im very thankful for] with...that there was a water leak from the roof and it was dripping right thru the detector and that set it off. so they turned it off eventually but it still chirps once in awhile. so meanwhile during all this was going on - me and anne were downstairs w/ jimmy and the fireman taking pictures of the fire truck and of anne in front of the fire truck and i was playing w/ a bouncy ball that we found in our mailbox. and then after everyone left me and anne went to see how bad the door was. and we took a picture of us pretending to kick it in. fun night. and that was all around midnight. so even more fun. neighbors across the street were staring out their windows watching and wondering what was going on. it was fun.

11 July 2003

so tonight i went to my first real hardcore show. i went w/ kim, anne, and josh to alley katz to see -norma jean and stretch arm strong. so yea it was interesting. the music was good. it is not really my type of music but by the end of the show i was liking it. the best part of it tho was watching the crowd from the balcony. it was worth being up there where heat rises and it being hot as mess b/c watching those boys was great. they are all crazy when they mosh. they do all these hardcore "dances". norma jean is a christian band. so thats cool. it shows me that the Lord can really use anything to further his kingdom. this was also my first time going to a show at alley katz. i liked it. its small. its not my favorite tho. kim was friends w/ the merch guy so i ended up gettin a free sticker and shirt. that was cool. so yea i walked out of there thinkin it was a good experience. there are so many different kinds of ppl interested in so many different kinds of things. its great.

10 July 2003

hey. so yea i have been in the burg for the past week now. ive been goin to the beach almost everyday. its great just doing nothing everyday.

03 July 2003

recently i have been on a creative run sorta. i have been taking bible verses and depicting them by working in photoshop. it is really cool and we'll see maybe this is something that the Lord is gonna work thru me with. but here and links to see the two that i have done so far.

[1] song of songs 4:9- "you have ravished my heart, my treasure, my bride. I am overcome by one glance of your eye."
-in the picture i wrote that verse in italian and then really lightly in english inbetween the lines.

[2] psalm 56:8- "you keep track of all my sorrows. you have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book."

sign my guestbook and tell me what you think of them. and send me verses that you would want me to depict for you. i wont gaurantee that i will do it but i just might. aight. peace

01 July 2003

saturday was a great concert day. i drove down to vabeach and got to see mae play twice live. first they played a in-store show at wherehouse music in norfolk on granby st. it was cool. they just played w/ two acoustic guitars and a waterjug. then afterwards we got to 'meet and greet' and i got all their autographs on a free poster i got of mae which is currently hanging on my wall in my room proudly. so in between me and vicki chilled and went and ate at dumars and then i took a nap at her house and then her friend mark came over and we chilled more and then i picked all the beef out of a beef and brocalli and rice stir fry. and then we left to drive back to norfolk for the norva show. the first band wasnt exactly my taste of music. the second band rocked my face. they are called copeland. and if ya didnt see on my upcoming show list they are comin to richmond soon so everyone should go and suport them. then mae came out after them. they were bleeping amazing. one of my fav bands live. i say that alot. i guess i have just seen so many good bands lately. they played some new songs and they ended up playin for over an hour. this is the set list they played including encore. "First they started off with infuturo and then they went right into All Deliberate Speed and Runaway! After Runaway Dave talked about how good it was to be home and how much of an honor it was! After Runaway came This Time is the Last Time and Soundtrack. then they played anything and then Skyline followed by Summertime. After this they played the new song called Everglow and then Sun. After Sun Dave talked about the Summertime video and that it would be playing on mtv2 starting July 13th. After this they did another new song called Suspension and then Dave said this will be our last song and it's appropriately titled Goodbye Goodnight. encore was the following: Tisbury Lane , then Last Call and Finally Embers and Envelopes." (that was not my words- i got it off the mae site) so yea. and today i just lucky found a guy who sent me tisberry lane and anything on aim so im really excited i have those. k. mwah