30 January 2005

i have learned alot here already just about the difference in the culture of italy from america. america definately is a comfortable life compared to here but i like this place. i am getting tons of walking in..we finally found the markets to buy food so we feel like we more moved in now..not eatin out all the time. you can hear through all the walls and ceilings here and we are gettin used to sleeping in the cold. we did our first loud of laundry today which takes 2 hours and we have to hang dry everything. so they will probly be dry in about 2 weeks..ha. the water is undrinkable, no long hot showers, we have to unplug the tv to use the microwave and vise versa, no bare feet in the aptmts, no big fridge and food that is full of preservitives to last us a month, we shop about every other day and the trash cans are about the size of a milk carton and we take the trash out to the street everyday. this internet cafe is right across the street. and streets here are basically all one way and small, everyone rides bike and scooters, even old women or women in dresses and stelettos. it is amazing. the americans are very obvious here. they are all very loud. ha. but italians all like the hang out on the streets and there is good night life here from what i have seen so far. so though i am still gettin used to it..i love it. one downfall is that when i try to speak italian, b-c the italians are so used to mass amounts of tourist flow, they will switch to english. hopefully that will not keep me from learning. more to come soon. keep the emails and the prayers flowin!
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27 January 2005

im here in florence!
email me dauriala@vcu.edu

23 January 2005

today is my last full day in america until may 17th
im off to florence italy to study

22 January 2005

"to us Holy is a good word for the library or the dark gothic cathedral that isnt exactly something that revs or engines but only fits a stern mood cautioning us against getting too overheated.
BUT to the apostle peter, to be holy was to stir up desire, to grab passion- in short, to live. a life pursuing holiness, says Peter, is a life that is sprinting away from ignorance, from small-minded living, but that basks in the wonder of God himself and that drinks in the depth and the awe and the exhilarating pleasure that is found in coming face to face with humanity's purpose.
why is it that Peter finds the pursuit of the holy so enticing? because God is holy. and God is the most madly alive, creative, uninhibited, wisely passionate being in the universe. and we are created in his image. born to live in his wild flow."
-winn collier (relevant magazine)

1. recognized as or declared by religious us or authority; consecrated; holy ground.
2. dedicated or devoted to the service of God, the church, or religion.
3. saintly; pious; devout
4. having a spiritually pure quality; a holy love.
5. venerated as or as if sacred; a holy relic

"the dictionary is precious help when it comes to defining holiness. according to it, holiness either has something to do with God, or with being a really good person. the Bible is not big on definitions, maybe because the things that make like work can't be said in choppy numbered sentences.
holiness is connectedness to God. we are not holy neither by working hard nor by claiming to do things in the name of God. holiness means drawing on the triune God as the deepest source of our being, acknowledging that God is where everything good begins.

the great truths become great lies when we think we made them up; the great virtues are empty if our hearts have lost their center."
-stephanie gehring (relevant magazine)

"Thankfully, equally true is the action and reach of God's grace. We are not, without a doubt, "holy" on our own. Christ died for us while we were still sinners, He did not wait for us to clean up first. It's God's love for us, extending beyond time and culture, that draws us into Him. God's holiness is not a manipulation or the product of clever staging. Holiness, true holiness, is a drawing, or a luring ... a lure full of promise and of hope."
-eric hurtgen (relevant magazine)

21 January 2005

one of my favorite things is being with ppl that i dont necessarily have to talk to when we hang out but i can just sit and be with them. it can be the same with God, he just wants to spend time with you.

when you dont read the word or spend time with God everyday- it is b/c you think you dont need to. or it is like when you fill yourself with the junk food of the world and then walk into a room full of a feast of all your favorite foods but you are too full to eat. we miss out b/c we had settled to early.

19 January 2005

hawaii musings.

it is amazing how as i grow up, different things speak to me now then what used to. hawaii was absolutely gorgeous in every way. but the humble spirit of the hawaiians spoke to me so much - everyone smiles, says aloha, and will talk to you in what actually seems to be a caring way, i love it and i am drawn to it. i realized that there is still so much in me that God wants to deal with. i learned that surrounding myself with happiness and positivity will feed it to me. i think that whatever you surround yourself with you will become. if what you seek you will find- and if you think that in order to fix yourself that you have to keep seeking what is wrong with you -then all you will find is sin and all you will feel is dark. but if you seek kindness along with the other fruits of the spirit, then the darkness within will automatically by expelled and transformation will come natural. keep your eyes on the light- not what is in its spotlight

one day me and my sister were walking down front st (which is like carytown) and we saw a sign for island sandals so we followed the sign around to the back to this hole in the wall shop and we met this amazing old man.  me and jenna talked to him for awhile as he let us try on his sandals. i could tell he was wise. he quoted emerson and after jenna told him that she didnt have a major he told us that if she was an indian lad, his tribe would  give him a blanket, 2 matches, a piece of glass, and send him off on a horse to find out what his purpose is, to receive his vision. he said that he believes everyone has a purpose and if you find it then your life work will not be a job that you hate getting up everymorning for but that you will love it and the word retirement will not be a word in your vocabulary. he also told us that ancient hawaiians did not talk, but communicated by body language and mind force. they believe that if you had to use words then you were not smart ( for lack of words) and they would look down on you. that is amazing to me b/c i always hate how our language is so incapable of true expression.

i just started a book called Tao te ching which is a taoism fundamental text but also stands as one of the worlds most popular and inspiring works of great literature. it says this "the source of life...is beyond the power of words and labels to define or enclose- while it is true that we employ words and labels to outline our experience, they are not absolute and cannot define the absolute. when it all began there were no words or labels. these things were created our of the union of preception and perception." what we long for as humans is expression, communication, and to be understood.

Kimu's maui rules
-never judge a day by the weather
-the best things in life aren't things
-goals are deceptive: the unaimed arrow never misses
-he who dies with the most toys still dies
-age is relative- when youre over the hill you pick up speed
-there are two ways to be rich-make more or desire less
-beauty is internal-looks mean nothing
-no rain, no rainbows

"we search for happiness in eager anticipation, and joyful memories, but we're better off paying attention to each moment as it passes. we never learn to predict what will make us happy, or how to anticipate the impact of major life experiences."

"if only we'd stop trying to be happy, we'd have a pretty good time."
-edith wharton

if all you think about is what is to come then you will starve yourself from present happiness and devoid yourself the joy of now

18 January 2005

"the only thing that stays the same is change" -sage francis

A priest once met Mother Teresa in her 'home for the dying' in Calcutta, India. He told her how much he respected her life and her ministry. He then asked that she pray he would have as much clarity in his own life. Mother Teresa looked at him and said no. She explained the one thing she never had was clarity ... she only ever had faith in her God.

09 January 2005