30 November 2002

so today was the first time that i have actually sold my artwork. me and emily sold our stuff at starbucks. it was a really good turn out. i made 105 dollars. i sold 3 of my photography and 2 watercolors. interesting. it was a really good experience. i was actually surprised that i sold that many because i wasnt that organized. but yea so we were sitting in there for about 4 hours and it was really busy the whole day so alot of ppl looked at our stuff. there was also another lady in there that was selling her stuff too. i really liked alot of them and i bought a small print of one of her oil paintings. so my break is almost over. boo. it was great tho. last night i got to see all the girls and we had a real fun time. we did a scavenger hunt around town taking pictures. ill probly put some of them on my picture page.

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