14 December 2002

hi. the countdown is about. 2 days till im done for christmas break. well tomrrow ill be studying all day and then monday i take the exam for art history. yea i definately dont feel like studying. this whole week i have been doing absolutely nothing that has to do with skool so im not in the studying mood. plus knowing that im done for a whole month afterwards...i just want to skip it. but i did have a dream that i got an 'a' on it. so thats good. tonight is the last midnight movie at byrd. they are playin 'the christmas story' im excited. i havent seen it in awhile and i like midnight movies...well i have only been to one other one before this one. but it is cool b/c everyone is really loud and talks and cheers and just gets really into the movies. i like that. i mean why be quit at a good movie? yea so anyways. i dont know what to write. ive been doin bad on writin everyday. sorry kids. visualize whirled peas.

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