16 September 2002

hola. today was short but became long. art history was nice. well we talked bout some of the chapter but then we watched a movie on egyptian pyramids so that equals= sleep in class. i miss sleeping in class. that was definately an everyday thing in highschool. so i fell asleep on kims arm and when i woke up my friend 'drool' was there. haha. so sat up whiped it off and moved on my life. well i did catch the end of the movie..it was funny. it was like an old informational movie...but some parts of it they would go into egyptian cartoons..that was halarious...[youd have to see it] so after class me and kim were gonna go to breakfast but i lost my pass so i had to go back to grace street theater to find it. i found it..thank you Lord. and then i went and got some fruit before goin to english. we had a substitute in english today. i didnt think they had those in college. but i guess so. so this hopefully means that our paper deadline will be pushed back to a later date. eek. well anyways..we got out early from english so that rocked...so i went back to my dorm and procrastinated for awhile and then i started writin some stuff for my paper. then i called kim a million times to get started on our project for design...[yes we already have another project for design] and she wouldnt pick up her phone...so i started on it. then i went and got the mat board and came back. kim finally called me and so we met outside to draw trees...we had to draw a tree for 3 hours....we were out there for about 20 minutes until we decided we needed a dinner break...so we blocked out the tree, drew the sections, and filled in where the shadows were...and we left to never return. [darn] so we went to my house..worked on design project, i finished mine, and now i am workin in on fillin in that tree. so yea...i must be going. :salute:

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