23 December 2002

this was a good past weekend. friday night was the cantata at my church which was amazing. and then we went to the farinos and played games w/ like ten of us. we played taboo. that was great and halarious. saturday was gpop dauria's birthday so our fam went to norfolk to this italian restaurant called 'reginos' yea it was crap. dont ever go there. how will you know where it is? well look for the old pizza hut building with the neon sign that says reginos on little neck rd. so yea after that i got dropped off at the airport and met the farinos there b/c we were pickin up marna. she was flyin in from new york from seein her boyfriend and i wanted to be there to see her. also that night we picked up her other sister michelle from the airport. she was comin in from costa rica. she was gone for like 3 months. that was so awesome to see her. on the way home michelle told us some stories from the trip and then i had to go home. but sunday i went back over to there house and hung out w/ her and the fam and heard bout the trip more. and she hooked me up w/ some costa rican jewelry that rocks. she got me this necklace that is made out of these orange beans. and bracelet that is red and black beans and bamboo. and she got my these really sweet ear rings that are made out of cocanut. they rock tho. you have to see them to know how they look i cant really explain them.trust me ,they rock. sunday night was a welcome home party for my two other friends who just got back. one from england and one from kansas city and their dad from utah. so everyone just came home. that was aewsome seein everyone and hanging out. we were there pretty late. then me and marna road all over town tryin to find hair dye for her. she wanted to dye her hair dark brown. and she has never dyed her hair before in her life. so i felt special that she let me do it for her. so yea we were up really late cuz i dyed hers then she bleached my hair for me. her hair turned out lookin amazing. im glad that she is happy w/ it. so then we watched 'the thomas crown affair' and ate lots of food. [ofcourse] then we fell asleep on the couch and then slept till 11 cuz her sister called and woke us up. arg. but then we went downstairs and i fell asleep after watchin the rest of the 'thomas crwon afair' i fell asleep until 4 oclock pm. thennn we went to dinner at la tol teca. yum. chicken quesa dia and churos and chips and cheese dip. mmm. oh yea did i mention that i am goin to kansas city for a bit. there is a end of the year conference at mike bickle's church [www.fotb.com] and 'the call KC' [www.thecallkc.com i actually have a link on the right side of this page under links] so i am really excited about that. i fly out of baltimore and while i am in baltimore i get to see my favorite teacher that retired from my highskool that now lives there. and yea im excited to get away from the burg.i havent been on a trip in awhile. i have been on a plane since i went to italy 2 years ago. which is weird cuz usually we fly alot. i have traveled alot these past two years but it has been all drivin. so yea im out. mwah

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