02 November 2002

hey kids. so what have i been up to the past few days? wednesday i was suposed to go the relient k show in norfolk but i ended up not goin b/c i had too much work to do and i didnt want to be rushed. i duno i felt like the Lord didnt want me to go either. so i gave my ticket to lilian, she really wanted to go but she didnt have the money..so it went for a good cause at least. well halloween i got outta class around 430. it was fun tho b/c we have been doin assemblage these past few weeks. we did a little one and now we are startin a bigger one. im excited bout it. and i especially love seeing everyone elses.there are so many creative minds in my class...and then some are just crap. so yea i went out to eat and then went to kims place. her and all the girls were gettin dressed up for halloween in their costumes. kim was a pirate, she made her costume and it was really sweet. durin this time mike was puttin wax in my hair and fixin my dreds up for me. that was fun. i was just chillin and my dreds looked awesome after he was done. that was awesome for him to do that for me. so he had to leave at 7 cuz he had a class. after that we watched the halloween episode of sponge bob. it was so cute and the kids who trick or treated at sponge bobs house made fun of him and said he was a haunted mattress. we were also dyin my bangs. we bleached them twice and on the 2nd time :BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP: and that beep didnt stop for like 45 minutes. the fire alarm went off! and we were on the 18th floor. that means we had to walk down the stairs the whole way. and yea since i was a guest i couldnt get back in until everyone else in the whole building did. but me and kat got in line first and were the first of the guests to get back in so that was good cuz there was a whole room of them. also it was cool cuz i got to hear kat speak in russian cuz she used my cell phone. so yea we finally got back upstairs and rinsed my bleach out and put the red in. we didnt leave it in that long cuz kim had to leave so when we washed it out it was like kind of like orange w/ blonde roots. pretty cool. so i walked back to grc. and i was bored to i walked over to my friend beckys. she lives in the apartment side of grc. so i went there and we chilled and talked for awhile. then we thought we would go bother our other friend sheree so we went to her apartment and chilled there for awhile too. around 12 i went back to my place. i just sat on my comp and or worked on my sketchbook for c&p. yesturday, friday, after class i chilled until me and and shannon went to see jacka$$ the movie. it was really funny. and it was cool cuz me and shannon were the only ones in the whole theater. i laughed my face off...tho some parts were gross. last night i went to first friday w/ kat and rob. it wasnt really good this month tho there was a few good things. i really only wanted to see the wearable art show but it was only up last week so i missed it :arg: after that i went back home and bud from govskool was gonna come down but she ended up gettin in a fight w/ her mom and couldnt come...so that stunk. so then i just stayed in and talked to mike online and worked on my sketchbook more. it is really fun workin on this sketchbook. like we have 15 weeks to work on it and i wanted to make sure that i didnt wait until the last minute to just throw stuff in there so it has been a lasting process from the beginning. but in the beginning like i would just glue random things in there not really anything "artistic" so now i am goin back and layering stuff and addin paint and i duno ..other stuff. youd have to see it. so saturday i didnt get to sleep in....especially cuz the fire alarm went off at 7 oclock in the morning. man that stunk cuz i had to be up at 830 to be at church at 9. i took the spiritual family course today. to become a member of my church here in richmond. it was until 1. i learned alot bout the church and stuff. it was good. after that i went to emilys and then abi came over and us three went down to the brunswick stew festival. we got some stew and looked around...there were alot of stands sellin random stuff. but the cool thing was i got a rubber chicken and i shirt. so we were there for a bit. thennnn i went back to my place after droppin emily and abi off and then i went to hibbs w/ kim and now im sittin in kims room watchin a movie. i need to be workin on my research paper...but eh im not. oh yea i dyed my hair again red. its darker now. rock.

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