11 July 2003

so tonight i went to my first real hardcore show. i went w/ kim, anne, and josh to alley katz to see -norma jean and stretch arm strong. so yea it was interesting. the music was good. it is not really my type of music but by the end of the show i was liking it. the best part of it tho was watching the crowd from the balcony. it was worth being up there where heat rises and it being hot as mess b/c watching those boys was great. they are all crazy when they mosh. they do all these hardcore "dances". norma jean is a christian band. so thats cool. it shows me that the Lord can really use anything to further his kingdom. this was also my first time going to a show at alley katz. i liked it. its small. its not my favorite tho. kim was friends w/ the merch guy so i ended up gettin a free sticker and shirt. that was cool. so yea i walked out of there thinkin it was a good experience. there are so many different kinds of ppl interested in so many different kinds of things. its great.

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