26 February 2003

mornin. so today was great. i got up and went to the fingerpainters meeting. then i went to mcv campus w/ abi to go see trinity. and so i got to talk more w/ trinity. and she is really cool. she is definately serious about the Lord and it is amazing and i am excited about friends that the Lord is bring into my life. so then me and abi went to get lunch before takin the bus back over to art history at 1. i had ribs once again :-) i was pumped to ride the campus connector too. we sat in the middle rotator part. eee. art history i fell asleep. and we got early and i walked over to logos [a christian bookstore right on campus here] and i bought the new audio adrenaline cd. its good. and vicky and me traded and she burned me a copy of the new switchfoot. i am listenin to it now and it is really good too. at 4 i met christina and some of her friends for dinner. it was fun. we are gonna start eatin every wednesday. im glad cuz both of our scedules are really busy so we dont get to see eachother that much. then at 530 we had a prayer meeting. ha. it was awesome. God is moving on this campus. im so excited. oh shoot. i got another praise report! the Lord blessed me w/ a new beanie today. im surprised cuz all i have been doin is complaining about losing mine. but today abi just threw one at me and said i could have it. ahhh. im so excited. thank you abi. you rock. dude ya know how i was complaining about woodshop. well today i was complaining once again about it and my friend said dont worry...Jesus was a carpenter...ha. ill receive that. and He will help me out! Jesus will do my project!

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