29 April 2003

my concert reveiw for the damone, further seems forever, juliana theory, the ataris show

ok well the first band is damone or something. yea they were pretty good. further was the fav of the four bands. further just puts on such a good show. i love their music alot and jason has really good stage presence i think. mostly all of the stuff they played was their new stuff except one song...but i cant think of the title of it but i like their new stuff better anyways. juliana theory was really good too. great song list mostly they played their new stuff too. some old stuff like 'into the dark' and 5000 screaming children..whatever that one is called but the lead singer annoys me. he is so conceited and arogant now and i dont like that. they didnt used to be that way.. i mean they are a christian band and it seems the more big they get and now that they are mainstream he is gonna get a even bigger head that will be their downfall, i duno. but i did get to meet him and you could tell his arrogence even more watchin him talk to ppl like he wouldnt even look at them in the eye. and yea but i got him to talk to one of my friends on the phone which was cool and i got his autograph, and i met the guitarest from further, and the guitarist from juliana theory too. ataris were really good. i have never seen them before much less really heard any of their music except a few songs. they played 3 songs i knew. and they did put on a good show too. it was really cool ...the lead singer at one point was playing guitar and he jumped into the crowd and they pushed him back onstage and he kept playing. and when they played 'san dimas high school football rules' they pulled a random guy out of the audience and let him play lead guitar on that song which i thought was really cool. the show didnt get out till around 11 or something. oh and i got a further shirt. it is really cool. it is a black shirt. the front: it has a star at the top and then underneath that is FSF w/ two little lions w/ wing gargoyles kind of, and then 'further seems forever' is written in and arch over a girl, just her shoulders up. it is a highcontrast profile. and how the arch is it looks like "lights beams " are shining up from behind her head. the back is blank. so yea the concert was great.. so thats all for that. mwah

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