08 April 2003

so im working on this project and it is really gonna be awesome. i went around and took lots of pictures of ppl holding up fake smiles w/ their pointer fingers. and it is all to show that ppl hide their pain behind facades of fake happiness. im going to eventually put the picture series on my picture page but not yet. so i am taking the pictures and printing them out 8x10 and transfering them onto white shirts, cutting them out and sewing them onto the backs of black tshirts and on the front im going to have this song lyric from a mewithoutYou song "she put on happiness like loose dress over pain". so i am doing 6 shirts w/ each a different picture of a girl. i want to continue this project into more projects that go w/ this one. maybe continue to make shirts until i have one for each day of the year. i have alot of pictures of guys w/ the fake smile too. so we will see what i come up with. im just excited about it and its my fav thing ive done in afo so far. so yea. more talk later. mwah

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