05 April 2003

today was a better day in the life of me. i guess its been ruff lately. i duno why. but yea last night i went bike riding at like midnight w/ my friend maggie and that was really cool. she is a fun person to hang out w/. i like riding my bike around. and we talked about God and stuff. today i got up and met up w/ sheree for a bit and talked about life. and then i went to the hibb and it was great i had chicken and pasta and on my way out the desert lady hooked me up w/ a to-go cup full of oreo pie....mmmmm. when i came back me and my suitemate went to river city tatoo b/c she wanted to get her tongue peirced again. and i ended up splurging and buying this 65 dollar organic earings for indonesia that rock so much. then i came back and went and read outside in the sun in the courtyard of my dorm for like an hour. [ i am reading this book called 'redeeming love' by francine rivers. it is really good. it is based out of the book of Hosea in the bible. but the book is a novel. ] so yea i sat out and got some sun [which i want to work on more this summer then last summer. i tan easily so even if i dont try i get tan but i want to get really tan. i know i cant ever beat my sister tho. i did one summer but not anymore now that she works at a tanning bed place. ] after that i came back in my dorm and slept from 4 until 630. then i went to hibbs for dinner and read more of my book . then at 730 i went to annas play w/ all the girls and then we drove out to TGI Fridays for a surprise party for ericas 21st bday. it was a great time and she was really surprised and loved it alot. i was happy for her she deserved it. so we were there pretty late. after that some of us went to walmart [me,lillian, becky, kasmine, daniel and vinny] we had a great time. we were origianally just going there to get tshirt transfer paper for me and then peacing out but we ended up almost gettin kicked out..ha. we were playing w/ bouncy balls and fighting w/ haulk hands and then we were chasing eachother and throwing stuff at eachother like rubber spiders and stuff..ha it was funny. after that lillian dropped me off and i forgot my stuff i got at walmart in her car but ill get it tomorrow. now im home. i took alot of pictures that will probly be on my site soon. i did a whole blur series. aight kids. mwah

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