26 February 2003

yay i found my beanie. not my original one but my brown i lost it for a few days. i was sad. but i found it behind my trunk. its safely next to me on my desk now. so this week has been awesome so far. God is just teaching me and showing me so much stuff its crazy. i love it. i love loving Him.even tho it is hard and frustrating sometimes ... it is so rewarding. as you all probly know. i am off my fast. i gave up meat, sweets and aol instant messenger for 40 days straight. it was really a time of growing for me. by the end i was definately ready to be done w/ it. so yea midnight of saturday night was the official time it ended. i got to taste the sweet taste of nerds candy and reeses fast break. and my friend joy was fasting tv and movies so we stayed up and watched 'sweet home alabama'. then sunday when we went to see my grandmom for her bday i got to eat some yummy veal and drink the oh so missed sweet tea! [i love sweet tea]. monday was the meeting where you could go and talk to the department heads in the art departments. me and kat went and it wasnt what i thought. basically you went in picked up the applications and left. this whole stressin out about applyin for departments is annoying. i shouldnt be stressin out and really i am not. i just like to say i am b/c i am lazy and dont want to even apply. much less go to skool at all. but i know the Lord wants me here. so after that i went back to my dorm and then went to eat before art history. me and kim talked the whole time about rotten.com. [dont go there if you have a weak stomach] then after that me, kat,erica, and iris went all over town. we went to river city first, then to the bank, then to krispy kreme, then to the mall to old navy and target. i had a gift certificate from old navy that my gmom gave me for xmas. i killed it. i got a sweater, some fleece pants, a headband bandana, and this cute tank top w/ white hearts. that night i had bible study. that is always awesome to meet w/ my girls and talk about the Lord and what He is doin in our lives [monday nights at 7 if you want to come email me...sorry boys...this is girls only] tuesday. today was great too. first of all. i got myself out of bed early to go eat breakfast so i could eat some bacon and syrup. oh how i missed that. then design class i looked thru magazines all class for stuff for my journal book. then lunch =ribs and baked beans. the number one hibbs combo ever! 2nd studio was like 20 minutes. and then left. then i was gonna go to carytown but i ended up not. at 7 i hung out w/ nicole for a while and then at 9 i went to kristens bday party. everyone was there so that was fun and then a few of us went to hibbs after that. it was just a great night. thank you Lord. and right now im chillin. fingerpainters meeting tomorrow morn. art history and lots of work to do for my thursday studios. but i am lookin forward to the prayer meeting tomorrow. being in His presence is what i love the most. especially when i am w/ all my friends too and we are praising Jesus together. im so blessed.

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