02 March 2003

this weekend was fun. friday night we all went over to nicoles for like her going away party and we all brought like poems or songs w/ had wrote and we all shared. it was great. [there are pictures on my picture page if ya wanna see them:: the link is over the right w/ my other links] then saturday my family picked me up and we went to dc. first we went to the mall and i bought some new shoes. they are cute. then that night we went to see the wizards vs. bulls basketball game to see michael jordan play. it was a good game. jordan wasnt on tho he only made like 11 points. but im glad i got to see him b/c this is the last season before he retires. it was a great weekend just hangin out w/ my family too. i am so lucky to have them. i love them alot. now its time to work on art projects..arg

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