20 February 2003

we are doin this project in one of my art studio classes and we are workin in wood shop. it is really hard workin w/ wood and i have no idea what to even make. i really do not want to do it at all. class today i walked around watchin everyone basically finish their whole project and i cut some wood and then the only fun part was me and my friend hannah played w/ the wood sander and made huge pencils..then i almost sanded my nail off on accident, it is so close to the skin but didnt bleed or anything. if it was any closer i would have gotten the biggest skin burn ever...eesh. it feels cool to touch. and the best part about workin w/ wood.... i have to lug around 20 lbs of it back and forth from my dorm to woodshop. i have been gettin so slack b/c of have a 5 day weekend this week. i dropped my psychology class too b/c i hated it. i dont know if the Lord approved of me doin it. i feel bad about it now cuz i could have done good in that class if i wanted to but ...i only need one social science requirement and i didnt want to spend it on that. i thought that i was gonna like it better then i do. i undo. i get so frustrated w/ skool sometimes. but Jesus is helpin me thru each day. with out him life would suck for real

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