17 April 2003

today was a busy non stop but good day. 740 breakfast w/ my roomate. these too dread head had to be drunk guys came up to me and wanted me to come sit w/ them so i did for a second knowing that any minute i could use the excuse that i have to go to class and not be lying. class from 820-1130. then i ran to hibbs for lunch got my two chicken soft tacos w/ some sour cream and cheese and then met abi at the library. then all 5 of us girls met at the apartment that we are moving into next year and made it official. we are so excited about it and that we dont have to worry about it anymore. its a great awesome place and we each get our own room! so yea then i had to run back to class at 1 and i got out of that early at like 2 and then went to old navy w/ lillian. i got alot of stuff. i was excited. i like that store. even tho i dont like brand names i do like old navy. then after that i went back to the offices of the realtor for my apartment and had to write my check and sign the lease. then i came back to my dorm for a few and went right back out to go eat and then me and vicki went to see my friend erik's band play [pash] at mary washington college. the opening band [the versificator] was really good too. they were all instrumental. very very good. hard to explain their sound tho. pash was really good too. a girl is the lead singer which always rocks. and her voice is really good. i got a lot of cool pictures of them ill put them on my site eventually. and i got pash's 4 song demo that i listened to on the way back to richmond. it is w/out drums but i like it alot still. awesome sound. so yea everyone should come see them play when they come to holy chow in richmond on the 22nd. k time to sleep. mwah

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