07 April 2003

sunday i was in virginia beach. i went to church at my cusins church called virginia beach christian life center. it is a really great church. i love their pastor and they their church alot. it was great seeing my cusins too since i dont get to see them that oftem. after church me and vicky went out to lunch w/ her mom to this place called uncle al's that vicky likes alot. it was pretty good. the best part was the sweet potato fries that i had. mmm i love those. after lunch we went back to vickys and hung out there for awhile i was reading my book [redeeming love] and we were waiting for abi to call us. later we met up w/ her took her to get her stuff and then we drove to norfolk....we were gonna go to the beach and lay out but it ended up being really cold out so that was out so then we planned on goin to norfolk and goin thrifting..that ended up not working out either. b/c all of them were closed sunday and we were goin to go to dumars for dinner and that wasnt open either. ha. so we ended up going to macarther mall ,we went to american eagle and i got these two cute shirts, and bag and a necklace. and i got a free cd w/ it all too. so when we were about to another store we noticed the metals bars were comin down on the store and we soon found out the mall closed at 6. so we were there for about 30 minutes and now had to leave. ha. so then we went to sonics for dinner. that was cool . i had never been there before. you drive up into a parking spot and each spot has an individual togo speaker thing and you press a button, order, and then they bring your food out to you. it rocks. and finally.....what we had been waiting for all weekend...we drove to chesapeake to the waterdeep concert! there was a girl who opened for them her name is katy bowser. she was precious...really cute funny personality and her music was really good. it was just her on an acoustic guitar. and one song w / laurie from waterdeep about coffee. ha it was great. after she played waterdeep came on and they ended up playing for like 2 hours. it was amazing show. they just jammed alot flowin in the spirit and don talked alot about random funny things like he always does. it was awesome. i got some good pictures ill put on my site soon. after the show i got a free poster from this guy who was workin the waterdeep stand and i got the whole band to sign it for me and i met them all too which was really cool. cuz i have only seen them live one other time and that was in kansas city at the conference i went to over xmas break and i didnt get to meet them then. yea so i ended up spending all kinds of money. i got this sweet waterdeep shirt that is dark gray w/ waterdeep written just plainly on the front, i got katy bowsers cd cuz i wanted to support her [and i met her and got her to sign the cd cover] and i got waterdeep's drummer brandons side project bands cd, their band is called pepper shaker. it is an all instrumental cd. it is so so good. im glad i got it. and i got him to sign that too. so yea we didnt end up leaving until 11 which is alot later then we thought we would leave. we got home around 1230 which isnt that late. so yea im gonna go read. mwah

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