11 February 2003

takin a break from studying for art history. i have my first test this semester tomrrow. i did really good on my quiz that i took last wednesday. i thought i failed it w/ a double f but i got a 'b' on it. so i was pumped about that. i feel like i know this information pretty well in general. doz ate for the first time today. ever since i got her she wouldnt eat anything i put in her bowl. but i bought this betta food off my roomate that she had extra and it is like this shrimp bone or something. and she likes that. she ate two peices. i thought she was gonna never eat. i just fed her again. she loves that shrimp. good girl loves meat just like me. so today i almost missed class cuz i was lookin on the blogskins site tryin to find a new skin for this blogger. i always like to change the look of it for some reason. i really like these colors but i just get bored after awhile. i didnt find one that i really liked tho. so im stickin w/ this look. but i did get something new. a tagboard. it is cool. you can just write right off my page instead of havin to click the link to sign the guestbook and everything. so i am suporrting your laziness. so now all you have to do is scroll down a bit and type in and all done. ill be expecting many more ppl to write me now. ok im gonna stop procrastinating now. peace

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