28 April 2003

this week in a short overveiw: monday i slept in, skipped class and came back to town in time for dinner and bible study. tuesday class all day. design- went and signed in and he gave us a two hour break. we came back turned in our projects, critiqued them and left the class . i got an 'a' in the class for the semester. lunch, 1pm- drawing studio- turned in my matisse painting and left. i got a 'b' in there for the semester. tuesday night i went to dinner w/ maggie and erin to larick dining hall, then we went to chi alpha. wednesday- early 730 leadership meeting, back to sleep, lunch, class at 1 and had a quiz which i did really good on i think. chill, dinner, prayer at 530, homework. thursday- another long day but its ok b/c it was the last day of afo forever. morning- drawing fundamentals, we turned in our portfolios and left and then came back at 1150 to pick it up. i got an 'a' in that class. lunch, 1pm- c&p: we all critiqued and showed off our final projects. there are so many good projects that come out of that class from everyone. i did the installation w/ the fake pictures. [there are pictures of it and my matisse painting on my pic page.] thursday night- me, anne, and vicki go together and played guitar and keyboard. intervarsity at 7. then we hung out afterwards at these girls house for icecream. then came back to my dorm to play more guitar w/ all the girls. friday- vicki's bday, met w/ sheree, went thriftstore shopping and bought lots of stuff then brought it all home and stayed in the burg for a few hours. dropped all the stuff off and went to see my dad and then went to starbucks w/ joy for a frap. friday night- went to dinner and then the vcu dance department senior projects. amazing modern dance. i really like modern dance alot. then back to my dorm w/ the girls to play more guitar and keyboard. saturday- courtship seminar, lunch w/ my parents, got a new bike, cookout at kristens [our apartment next year]! sunday- woke up to the smell of a rotting dead carcus which later ends up to be claires rotting chinese food. arg., church, mom and dad helped me move alot of stuff out. went to carytown w/ griselle my suitemate and i bought a 'Jesus is my homeboy' shirt. then came back and got ready to leave for norfolk. we left at 5 so we stopped in newport news a fazolis for dinner. mmm chicken parmasean. and marna and aidan came to join us too. yay. always good seein them since i dont get to that much anymore. then we made our way to norfolk for the FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER, JULIANA THEORY AND THE ATARIS concert. ill type out more of a review of that later... cuz i just got home and its late..just know it was amazing. mwah. my room is bald.

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