24 March 2003

yea so i didnt get into photography. but its ok. i guess God didnt want me to do that. the only thing i am mad about tho is that i left a bad impression of my work on them. b/c the portfolio that i turned in was definately not my best work. i didnt have alot of my photography here to show them. so yea but whatever. so this week is probly gonna be and already is the most stressful week of my life. i dont even want to talk about how much stuff i did today and i only had one hour long class! tomorrow im gonna have alot of stuff on top of class from 820-430. eesh. never underestimate art school. its not easy. mmm so yea on another note. i encourage everyone to listen to sigur ros and muse. they are the two bands that i have been listening to non stop for like 2 weeks straight. very very good. download them right away

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