09 February 2003

hey kids. i got a fishy. this will me 4th attempt. if it goes like the first 3 then i feel bad for it. it ya didnt know already. the first 2 fish i got died w/in a week. and the 3 fish that me and my roomate got last semester died w/in 6 hours. i hope this one lives. she is precious. it is actually a male fish but im saying its a girl. she is beautiful. she has a white body w/ a green,red, orange, and blue tail; and she has green eyelids [i just noticed that a minute ago actually and i like her even more now]. i named her doz. she is staring at me right now. i think she is mad at me cuz i got her suck a small fish bowl. but i liked it. it is cute. and i drew black outlined stars all over it. i tryed to put little arm men in her bowl so she wouldnt be lonely but all they did was float on top and she got really angry and tryed to beat them up. so i took them out and i will glue them to something another day. tonight was sallies bday party. it was really fun. we all crowded into her apartment. there was probly around 60 ppl there at one point. the catch was...you had to dress up as a character from a movie or tv show or you could be a prop. it was cool seeing everyone. i dressed up as punky brewster. ha. ill have pictures on my pic page soon. i made sallie this heart out of cardboard. after i finished it i really wanted to keep it cuz i liked it so much. arg. but it was my present to her and she liked it so i am glad.

send out a search team...i lost my fav black beanie that i just got.
good night kids. Jesus- i love you.

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