28 February 2003

Jesus definately helped me out on my woodshop sculpture. we had two weeks to do it and since i didnt get anything done last week i had to complete the whole thing this week in class in 3 and a half hours. which believe me, when you are workin on somethin like that it is no time at all. and praise God i finised it and it looks pretty sweet. someone told me it looks like modern sculpture. so im happy w/ it. i have to paint it tho and we'll see what happens w/ that. eek. one step at a time.
so if you didnt notice. i went back to my old blogger skin. i was pumped about the other one but after lookin at it enough i realized that it didnt look like "me" so i went back to this one that i really like alot too. so yea. i need to go to 711 and get some tea

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