24 August 2003

lost for good
by Lauren D'Auria

ive lost myself for good with in your promise
im lost for good within your mysteries
im left wandering amongst your beauty
like a dove soley gazing upon the depth of all of you
im left wandering in your wonder
in awe of your mercy
i only want to be where you are
in the secrets of the secret place
revealed behind closed doors
where my heart is left exposed before my king
where my heart is left on my sleave
deep within the midst of my soul longs for you
i ache for you
to know you
to understand you
give me a glimpse of just a fraction of you
in your power and dominion
fire of fires ignite my fire
speak to me
change me
i give my life to you

there is this amazing song that i have been listening to by united live from hillsongs in austrailia. and there is one line in the song that says 'ive lost myself for good within your promise' [the first line of my poem] and i have just been thinkin how amazing that line is. like i am lost for good. i am ruined for this world, from now on there is no turning back. mm so i want to grow in such knowledge of the Lord and understanding of him and be at the point that sharing the gospel is far from just being a chore. but where it is an overflow of my love for the Lord that i would just talk about him with complete joy.

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