19 February 2003

God is so good. i love how he does things...even little things that are such a blessing. like today i went to ghetto pride grocery store to buy some sweet potatos and i was walkin to emilys for lunch and one of my friends drove by and asked me if i wanted a ride. he might not even know how much it blessed me and that God uses little things like that to just totally make my day great. it is like the Lord told me..."i just wanted you to know that i was thinkin about you" . also i was just online today lookin at one of my fav bands websites [mewithoutYou] and i was readin their journals and one entry that he wrote about really spoke to me and i wanted to share it on here w/ one ever might read it. i know whoever is suposed to read it will:

"Since you call on a Father who judges each man's work impartially, live your lives as strangers here..." (1 Peter 1:17)
.probably one of the easier verses for me to obey...another line in an old Bob Dylan song goes, "I'm a stranger here, no one sees me; cept you."  we probably all know the feeling of being out of place or misunderstood.  there are things we'll never admit even to ourselves, let alone tell anyone else;  how can we expect to be understood if we're lying all the time??  but God knows the state we're in, and I pray that he'll be patient with us.  "For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver and gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from 
your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ."  (v. 18-19)and how empty our way of life, the things we still use to fill our time!  to spend ninety nine percent of our time on these perishable things, and to expect to meet God in our few minutes of prayer as we fall asleep, our weekly trip to church ; something has gone wrong.  I hope I'm overstating the 
point, but a night like tonight it seems that everyone in the world is hurting real bad (and that if they're not, they should be)

so besides all that... i learned how to knit last night. im pumped. i started to make a scarf since i guess that is the manditory startin off knitting asignment. so im on my way. ive only done like a few inches. seems like it will take an eternity. but hey i got it. another excitement in my life today was i dropped my psycology class. my dad released me too. i was so glad that he let me b/c for real i just wasnt into it at all. my expectations were so different then how it turned out. and the best thing about my day! my dad sent me pictures of my puppy bella. i was so excited. i freaked out and showed everyone around me. she is the most precious puppy ever. i will put pictures on my page for you all to be blessed with by seeing. aight. so tell me about yourself. i also had mock chicken fried rice for the 4th time this week tonight. it was great once again topped w/ 5 fotune cookes :) [hey if you are lookin at this site right now and want me to put a link to your site on here then just give me a link in my guestbook or on my chatter box thingy. k? k, good. peace]

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