15 January 2003

hi. havent talked to ppl online in a whole two days. it is hard but i know the Lord will reward me for it. I am enjoying learning more and more about the Lord and his love for me. this sacrifice is nothing compared to the life of sacrifice that i should be living for my Jesus. i am reading the book of Jeremiah in the Bible. and it is really powerful. i am tryin to read one chapter per night. and really meditate on it. i am really beginning to see the jealousy the Lord has for his people, his bride. He is so in love with us. so tonight was my first psycology class. the teacher strolled in in his leather biker looking jacket. and then he started talking and seriously didnt stop for 2 hours. he must be genious. he seriously only stopped to think only one time. and he was talking like a thousand words per minute. so fast. but i am interested in it all. i think that it will be a good learning class. and a good excuse not to take notes is that he talks so fast it would be impossible. that is the lecture class. tomorrow night is the psycology lab. i wander how much different that is going to be or what we would learnin there compared to the lecture class. we'll see i guess. today i also got to have lunch w/ my dad. he came up to visit me :) i was excited to hang out w/ him. we went to panda garden. i put a sponge bob poster on my sealing last night. there is a close pin on the side of my moniter. i hope that it doesnt snow thursday b/c i am going to JMU this weekend. well im plannin on it unless i get snowed in. and im pumped there there is no skool monday. martin luther king jr is a cool guy. he deserves a shout out...and a holiday too. i need to bleach my hair again. if you want to talk to me email me please. and dont worry bout me not writing you back. i will probly get back to you as soon as you write me or short after. plus if you write me an email then i will feel popular. sponge bob salutes you.

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