11 March 2003

this past weekend was great. thursday night my mom came and picked me up and we drove up to baltimore. one of my teachers from highskool just moved to baltimore and we had been talkin about takin a trip to new york together. so got to her house around 10 or so and we just chilled that night had some hot tea and talked bout our lives. friday morn we got up pretty early to get started on our day. we went to two museums in baltimore and then at night we went to the aquarium. there was a special sea horse and sea dragon exhibit there that was sweet. we were out all day so when we got home we were so tired. but before we went home we went to this diner for dinner. i wasnt really hungry cuz i just had a caramel frap from starbucks. but it was still fun cuz the diner was cool. saturday we got up and left baltimore by 930 to drive to new york. we got there and went right to our hotel. we followed the navigation system on our car so it took us like this weird way thru the city and we got in traffic a bit but it was all good. as my mom said "we are on an adventure" . so we got to our hotel...our rooms were 2x2 ft big but hey good enough for me..we werent in there that much anyways but to sleep. so that night in new york we went to dinner and then we went to the metropolitian art museum. this was one of the main reasons that i wanted to come to new york. b/c there was a leonardo divinci show there. it is one of the rarest shows the have had. it was like 6 rooms of his drawings from his sketchbooks, his studies and stuff. it was amazing. it was stuff from 25 different galleries and plus stuff that had never been released from the vatican. before we went and saw all that tho me and my mom went thru some of the other sections of the museum...the impressionists, modern art, surrealism, and this one photographer..thomas struth who was really good too. after wards we went to this italian new york desert place called venieros. if youre ever in new york find this place! it rocks so much. so yea we got to ride around on the subways alot which is definately my favorite part of new york. sunday we went to this museum chelsea that was really cool. we went to a pizza place to eat and then we went to a modern dance show by paul taylor. which was good. i didnt think that iwould like it but it was very modern. so yea then we went back to our hotel and then drove back to baltimore...i stayed up till 3 w/ my teacher looking at old pictures of her and her husbands families. and then monday morn we drove back home and now i can relax on my break. im goin to virginia beach today w/ some friends they are pickin me up in a few...gg. mwah

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