18 February 2003

so there is a rumor that they arent plowin the roads b/c virginia doesnt have anymore snow money to spend so they cant hire ppl to do it and they are only puttin down salt. well i dont really care. i mean yesturday skool was canceled which i didnt mind but i kind of wanted to have class b/c i only have one class on mondays and we were gonna get our tests back and wanted to see what i got. but instead me and mike walked around town in the snow. went to panda garden, ate some mock chicken fried rice, stole some fortune cookies, went to this one art gallery and then just walked down broad for awhile and back. the snow is really fickle. it is soft like your walkin on clouds in one spot and it is hard like ice in another spot. then other parts it is really slushy like water and any second a car could drive by and splash it all over you. a snowflake has no idea what its destiny is before it hits the ground. it could be at the bottom bein smashed and covered and hidden by other millions of flakes or it could be a fresh one on top on the front lines ready to be stepped on by the next snow boot... today classes were canceled up till 11 which i was really happy about b/c i didnt want to do my design homework. so i slept in till 12 and then was on my way walkin to class and i ran into a girl that is in my class and she had already walked there and she told me that our second class was canceled. so yay. no skool today either. so i turned right around and went to the hibb got some goods. i am really pumped that hibbs dishwashers arent workin and now they have to use all disposable stuff. b/c of my boycott of using hibbs trays now it is so much easier to just find the nearest trash can. and if i wanted to i could just walk right out w/ it. it is like a bonus extension of take out hibbs. the breeze thru wont get any business for awhile if anyone is smart. so yea besides all this i have been spendin hours workin on this new skin on this here blogger. i am really gettin a hang of the whole html thing. hmm. aight kids. well tell me if you cant read my blog or if anything is wrong w/ it. oh yea. there is a part where you can put a picture logo in the top left corner and i was all excited and i made one in photoshop that rocked but it wont work. boo. so yea talk to me on the chatter box on the right. peace

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