13 March 2003

man this break is goin by realy fast. it seems like i havent been able to just sit down and relax at all...baltimore/new york/baltimore again/burg at the farinos and then aaron came over and we went to get icecream and hung out for a bit/virginiabeach to hang out w/ the girls, and saw my grandparents/ back to the burg but straight to church and then hung out w/ brandy/today i am goin to cnu to hang out w/ some more friends maybe hit up some thriftstores. i mean i like havin alot of stuff to do but i know that that will make the week go by faster and i dont want that either. i dont want to go back to skool. i just keep tellin myself that there are only 6 weeks left after i come back. i gg spend time w/ my Jesus. mwah

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