21 September 2003

self change insanity
by lauren d'auria

i no longer want to tolerate this mediocrity.
i came as i am,
but don't let me stay this way.
make me a slave to righteousness.
set me a new set of patterns,
to refrain from this worlds old ways.
i want to become foreign to all those.
don't let satan put me on autopilot.
it doesn't take an outside attack,
for the things within to take me over.
"i can't think that, im dead!
i cant do that, im dead!"
stop this insanity of self change.
I'm in a puzzle without pieces.
i cant change Lord,
if i could i already would have.
create in me a steadfast heart,
because this sin desensitizes me.
ill come to you outside the gate
take me into your environment
where this sin style is starved out,
where i can imitate your faith.
ignorance of God
is a luxury i cant afford.
prepare me for this battle,
to love this fight,
to perceive then receive,
the mindset of your kingdom.
take my eyes off my problem,
so that i can apply your grace to your promise
make me complete in every good work
to do your will
to be well pleasing in your site

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