22 February 2003

so i remember that i was gonna write about something but i was too lazy to do it before. friday i hung out w/ lillian and then we did this experiment for one of her friends where we had to take caffeine pills. and they effected me really weirdly and i think today i was even still feelin sick from them. but eh. today my fam and me and my sisters boyfriend went to virginia beach to see our grandparents and to see my uncles brand new baby girl. she is precious. she was born yesturday. after that we went out to eat and then i went to circuit city to get a new memory card for my digital camera. then we went by barnes and noble cuz joy and michelle were there and i wanted to see michelle b/c she is home from jmu this weekend. now im at home workin on some homework but im takin a break. my scarf that i started knitting is about 4 inches long now and i started it last tuesday. its fun but not. i duno if ill ever get into it. i think that anything that causes work i end up steering away from fast. im in williamsburg this weekend. last night i went by church and saw everyone... and then me, joy, stephanie and abbey went to red hot and blue and ate. mark came and hung out too. and then we went to abbeys and hung out till like 230 in the morn. it was fun. then i spent the night at joys. she played me some songs on the piano cuz she is just learning how to play. she is gettin good. i really want to learn how to play too. so tonight at midnight i can eat meat, sweets and talk on aol instant messenger for the first time in 40 days. i am so excited, i am goin to eat a whole cow. but to add to my experiences in life..i can now tell ppl that i was a 40 day vegetarian. ppl tell me that if they didnt know me then they would think that i was a vegetarian. is there a certain look that vegetarians have? hmm. so tomorrow after church my fam is goin to have dinner w/ my dads side of the family for his moms bday. that will be interesting. aight kids...two hours left. ill be back. mwah

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