08 May 2003

hey. so im done w/ skool. ive been chillin so much i havent even been online at all lately. but yea i got home on sunday. my last exam was on friday the 2nd. i think i did really good on it. so yea i have been cleaning my room alot. b/c when i moved out i just basically threw everything in my room from the 8 or 10 trips i took back and forth over a few months bringin stuff home every weekend i had so much stuff my floor raised 5 feet. so i went thru and threw alot of stuff away and brought alot of clothes to the thrift store. 4 whole bags. me and ernie hung out tuesday. it was fun . i miss hangin out w/ him and we had alot of fun drivin all over town running my errands. then we came to my house and chilled and my rents made us dinner and then we played piano and guitar and then mark came over and jammed w/ us too. then we played pool and downloaded rings on our phones. today i came up to jmu to pick michelle up. me and joy drove up and now we are just chillin doin nothing cuz everyone here is studying for exams. so im bored and yea...that. but i dont know what else to write either. peace

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