31 March 2003

yea so this weekend i went home. it was good. friday night i went to church and then hung out w/ the girls afterwards, spent the night at the farinos like i usually do every weekend im home. saturday me and my dad went out to lunch which was good cuz i havent been able to spend that much time w/ him in awhile. then i went home and started working on a painting i have to do for drawing studio. it is a 4x8 foot painting in the abstract expressionism style. i leaned more towards jackson pollack style. i like how it turned out alot. and ernie came over and we chilled and talked bout the Lord. saturday night i went to a concert at william and mary...dismemberment plan. it wasnt that good so i left early. sunday -church and then la tol teca, then for dinner casa maya for a friends fund raiser..the girls from richmond came down to support. then back to richmond that night. now today was insane. it was the busiest day ever. and to top it off i found out i probly cant go to the fleetwood mac show. my roomates fish died too tonight. that blows. RIP augustus

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