23 January 2003

mornin. i took a shower. you should congradulate me. so today was freakin cold. it was like 14 degrees or something crazy like that. my face fell off like 6 times. so im two weeks into my second semester. i think that i am going to like this semester alot better then last. my teachers seems alot better and my classmates i like alot better too. i actually talk to more then two of them. the kids in my classes last semester were all really shy and never talked. i have a great time w/ these kids this semester. this weekend i get to see 'stomp' i have always wanted to go to one of their shows. i am excited. also this weekend i am gettin my dreads worked on. they need some help. i want them to lock already. k i really have nothing to talk about so i need to stop. mwah

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