16 February 2003

i went to a conference this weekend in north carolina w/ my church. it is called 'campus harvest' it is a conference that ppl come from all over the world for. like 70 colleges were represented there and 30 nations. it was insane. there was like 1800 ppl. and my church is in the morning star international, so all their top pastors and founders and prophets were there. it was really awesome. satan was really tryin to attack me from the start and i was really havin a hard time pressin in but God broke it off me and by the end of the weekend it was awesome and Jesus is amazing. it was really good time spendin time w/ all my girls. today was insane. there was a huge ice and snow storm in richmond and a bit south so we left at 1030 in the morning to come back to richmond to try and beat it. we didnt get back until 630 pm. when we got to like petersburg it was gettin slushy so we were drivin slower. then all this stuff happened we had to get air in one of our cars tires and then one of his windshield wipers broke off cuz of the ice. all of us from our church were coming home driving four cars and we were all following eachother back. then the biggest attack. we got in a 3 car wreck. but praise Jesus his hand of protection was totally over us. what happened was. our car that i was in was in the lead. we hit some ice and spun out and ended up hittin the bumper on the rail gaurd. it wasnt bad. our 2nd car was fine he just pulled right over behind us. our 3rd car. she freaked out and slammed on her break and ended up horizontal in the lane on the interstate. and our 4th car was headed right for the passenger side of that car infront of her and at the last second missed it and hit the tire. no other cars on the interstate hit us at all. it was a miracle. not one person in all of our 4 cars got hurt a single bit. so we got the two other cars onto the side of the road and we all piled into 2 cars to wait. police came and we sat there for like half hour and then finally we all went to 711 by takin two trips w/ one of the cars that was ok. we had to wait there for another car to beable to take us all home cuz we couldnt pile 15 ppl into 2 cars. so we hung out at 711 for like an hour or more. it was fun tho. so we finally got home. praise God. we know satan must be scared of us tryin to get us in a wreck like that. wow. so we are so thankful that God got us thru all that safely.

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