14 July 2003

interesting information that i have never thought of asking about but wanted to know the answer to

: : : : i was asked this question today in class. what does the saying the birds and bees have to do with having sex.

: "Ah, what a beautiful day. The birds are out. The bees are trying to have sex with them ... as of my understanding."

Ah.Now we come to the heart of your problem. No, indeed, the bee is not having sex with the bird. Or vice (pardon the pun) versa. The bees are happily doing it within their own species. Likewise the birds (singing for a reason) are breeding with their own. The phrase "birds and bees" is a way of communicating common, visible examples of sexual activity to illuminate the idea that all living creatures breed and propagate. The example (or synecdoche, if you will) is a means of illustrating this truth to children.

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