14 July 2003

today my parents came up to see me. ym mom bought me some curtains for my windows since they are huge and in the moring it is so bright and i wake up sweating. so sewed them for me to fit the window and then they came up to put them up and everything. i love my parents. then me and anne and them went out to dinner. but around 11:30 pm things got interesting. i was over at megan and xtina's apartment just hangin out and helpin megan put together her microwave stand when all of a sudden my phone rings. it was anne. she said 'lauren do you know the emergency number to reach steve rula b/c the fire alarm is going off on the third floor and i called 911 and the fire department are coming. i dont smell smoke or anything tho.' so i walked back over to my apartment and the fire truck was in the middle of n.morris. and a fireman greeted me and 4 more did as i walked up the stairs. they all asked me if i lived on the third floor. and i let them down when i said no. but they had already broke the door down and gotten in. the informed me that there was no fire but there was just faulty detectors and that they couldnt turn them off. so me, anne and one other fireman walked down the alley to try and find steve rula [our landlords] house to get him and ask him about it. ends up we run into a guy who works for him and he goes and gets the other part owner of our apartment. so he comes over and they figure out ..using my new ladder that i just bought today to put up my new curtains [that my mom made for me that i like alot and im very thankful for] with...that there was a water leak from the roof and it was dripping right thru the detector and that set it off. so they turned it off eventually but it still chirps once in awhile. so meanwhile during all this was going on - me and anne were downstairs w/ jimmy and the fireman taking pictures of the fire truck and of anne in front of the fire truck and i was playing w/ a bouncy ball that we found in our mailbox. and then after everyone left me and anne went to see how bad the door was. and we took a picture of us pretending to kick it in. fun night. and that was all around midnight. so even more fun. neighbors across the street were staring out their windows watching and wondering what was going on. it was fun.

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