13 August 2003

blah. school is comin up. i duno how excited i am to go back. im excited about livin in the apartment w/ all the girls. i know it will be alot of fun. and hopefully ill like everything about goin into my major and stuff. i might end up switching majors. we'll see. so yea im still in the burg, still havent heard from old navy, i finished reading wild at heart and the titus diaires so now i am about to start the timothy diaries. there are lots more books that i have and want that i want to read. got alot of catchin up to do. hopefully during skool i will still have enough time to read alot. i will make time if i really want to i guess. i just need to break my internet addiction. that will give me a few extra hours per day to read. this weekend i am goin to jmu. im excited.

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