05 August 2003

hey. so yea i still am waiting to hear from old navy to see whether i got the job or not. so during the waiting time i have been at home in the burg just hangin out w/ my fam and the farinos and friends and reading alot.

books i finished reading in the past two weeks:
-master potter [by jill austin]
-the silas diaries [gene edwards]
-kiss the girls and made them cry [lisa bevere]

books i am reading now:
-wild at heart [by john eldridge]
-the titus diaries [gene edwards]

they are all amazing books. check them out if ya like to read. [the Lord has really delt w/ me about reading. i used to hate to read and i would rebel from it and never ever read and think i was cool. but recently i just have been reading alot and i love it. i hope the Lord presses me to read more and more.

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