13 April 2003

so yea this weekend was great. my roomate went to florida on thursday and she comes back tonight. but it was the first weekend that she left this whole semester so i was really excited to just chill and have nobody around for a bit. i was playing my music non stop for once. i got alot of new cds this weekend [thanx to tyler] i got the new ben harper, moby:18, ani difranco: evolve, and the new white stripes cd. so ive been listening to them alot. they are all good. thursday night i just spent in my room reading and spending time w/ the Lord. friday i met w/ sheree, went to lunch, and then later later that night i met up w/ vinny and lillian. we went to starbucks and then bowling. now listen to this. im horrible at bowling and so is vinny ...lillian didnt play. she was our cheerleader. and i was beating vinny the whole time trippling his score at one point in the 6 frame. [15 to 45] and then he decided to get 2 strikes and a spare and he ended up beating me 89 to 65. can you believe that crap. ha. so then we were really cool and didnt want to wait in line just to pay so we went to the other register and made the take our money there and then lillian tried to walk off w/ a stand up sign thing and they yelled at her. we set a genius world record for being the coolest ppl that night. we know everyone wanted to be us. sike. so then after that we went to the canal walk. now that was freaking scarey. if you havent ever been there at night then you should. it was really fun tho. ha. after that we went to bottoms up pizza and got some really good bread tracks and talked about life. did i mention that we were sporting lillians moms woody van the whole night. even cooler. k so saturday lillian and vinny talked me into going to tikvat which is a messianic jew temple. it was actually really cool and interesting. after the service they have free lunch too. always a bonus. next we went to ukrops and i got my tickets for juliana theory concert and evanescence concert. thennn i went home and sat outside and read. i got a pretty awesome tan on ONE side. eek. all good tho. im italian it will balance out eventually. so later that night we had the gathering of the princesses. it was a girls night. we got all dressed up in prom dresses, did eachothers makeup, and decorated the church basement, and had a huge dinner w/ a server and took lots of pictures [which are on my site]. after that i went home and finished reading 'redeeming love' this morning i went to church and then afterwards my parents came to visit me and they took me to lunch and then helped me move some stuff out of my dorm. it was great as always hanging out w/ them. i loved it. then i went to the art museum to get info to write a paper. and now i am suposed to be writing it. becky came over for awhile and i got all her pictures she took on her digital on my comp. [they are on my picture page too now] so yea tomrrow morn im registering for classes and gettin my parking pass for the fall. now i listening to the white stripes and drinkin tea. mwah

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