31 January 2003

today was interesting. well last night i was lookin online on the knotty boy dread site and i found out there was a place in richmond that sells their products. it is actually the only one in virginia and it is 4 miles down the road. it rocks. me and mike went there. it is called ellwood thompson, it is a organic and all natural product store. i bout some knotty boy shampoo and mike got some tea. after that we went all over town to 8 different places tryin to get stores to sell knotty boy stuff. we went to -the african house, the ghana house, picasso moon, urban artifacts, look salon, kristopherjon's salon, and a bead shop. the first place we went we got the biggest shaft ever. she didnt even give us a chance to talk. but the rest of the places were pretty open and are gonna call knotty boy. so it was really fun bein fake reps for them and hopefully we will get a place around here that will sell it so i dont have to order it offline anymore. plus if someone does start sellin their stuff then i will get free stuff. eee. so we will see. if you know of a place that might sell their stuff then tell me. [www.knottyboy.com] also today i got some wooden beads for my hair. they are sweet ones w/ different patterns.

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