22 April 2003

this was a good weekend. i stayed at vcu till saturday afternoon b/c i wanted to go to the vcu art sale. that is a end of the year sale all the art majors sell their stuff. so that was cool. and i bought two things. a print and another print. they rock and will look great in my apartment next year. speaking of buying stuff. i sold one of my shirts that i did for my c&p project. it is my first. im so excited. so then i went home and met up w/ joy and stephanie and then went to CW to catch jason upton. there was a thing called 'one voice' in williamsburg on saturday where alot of different denominations of churches came together and ppl came together for a night of singing and stuff. and then jason played at the end. it was the same "show" sat at 2 and sat at 8. so we caught jason in the day and then went to the whole "show" sat night. then after that joy and stephanie came to my house and joy gave me my first of many piano lessons. im so excited about learning and having another way to worship the Lord. and then she taught me this one song that she wrote that is really good and the lyrics are on my info on aim as of today. sunday morn [happy easter] me my dad and my sis went to church at williamsburg community chapel. then we met up w/ my mom and went to lunch together as a family :) it was great. after that i went home and just chilled and i also went to the tanning bed and rocked out to morning star on the radio. mm hmm. after that i went home slept a bit and then met up w/ everyone at kimball theater once again for a whole night of jason upton leading worship. man it was amazing. jason is so anointed. its insane i cant even explain it. so that went from 7-10:30. and then after that we talked to brandon, jasons guitar player for a bit and he hooked us up w/ some cds. and then i went to joys for a bit, ate some food, talked w/ her and paula and then went home to bed. monday morn i was suposed to get up go to the tanning bed again and then go back to richmond by one for class....ooops i definately woke up at 12 and skipped my one oclock, didnt go to the tanning bed, went by joys and got my keyboard, went and made copies of songs and then came back to richmond. and tonight i led bible study. i think that it went good. i spoke out of the book of Hosea about the love of the Lord for us even tho we are sinners and his love is never ending and never changing. he has such amazing patience for us. thank you Lord. and then i played the girls joys song on my keyboard. then we hung out for a bit afterwards talking bout boys and life and then i came home escorted by vicki and anne and now im working on a painting [matisse style] and listening to fleetwood mac. mwah

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