13 January 2003

back to skool.back to skool
so today was my first day back to skool this second semester this freshman year. i only had one class. art history. my teacher seems hard but she seems cool. she actually talks to us and like interacts w/ us and asks us questions and stuff. she said that this semester we are going to pretend that we are art historians. and we are going to learn what to do as a art historian. should be interesting. for a few minutes i was thinkin bout droppin the class and pickin up another one at another time b/c yes she is goin to have lots of pop quizzes and 3 exams and a museum critique.eeesh. i got my books today and chilled w/ my ppl and hit up the hibb. tomorrow starts the second day of this second semester this freshman year. yea you get the point. so all of the art foundations program is going to be in this new building. well actually it is a parking deck. but on top of the deck is where we are gonna have all of our classes. which is cool but .well we'll see. i went to see the locker gallery [50 B] it was really cool. and some other gallery downstairs of the painting and printmaking building [yea that huge art building] and there were some sweet paintings in there. the girl who does the cool shirts that i like. the screen printed ones. yea she had 2 paintings in there. and i want to go back and take pictures of them cuz they rocked my face. k thats all for now. peas

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