03 September 2002

ok ..today was really my first day of real school. b/c last week was just sylabis week i really didnt get the feel of college yet. but today i felt the stress that is goin to come w/ art school. i know that i am goin to be really challenged in a lot of ways. i already am and it is the 2nd week. i am not really used to that b/c in highschool i basically got to do whatever i wanted. but it will be good for me ..that is if i make it thru. i got a 'b' on my first assignment in college. this was in my design fundamentals class. we had to make name tags turning our names in to represent ourselves in sertain ways...like as an acrobat or taxi cab driver..stuff like that. you prolly cant picture what im talking bout but basically it was hard. me, kim and colin stayed up until 2 in the morn doin this. the hard part was that we had to do each one 3 times. but i made it thru. and yes i had to wake up at 8 this morning. eek. so anyways...we were in drawing fundamentals class and we had to go outside and draw trees. that was aight...that is not my kind of thing but hey i did it. it was cool tho b/c the teacher came over to see how we were doin and he ended up like drawin a whole tree for me. so that rocked. so i moved on and drew a bench and kims foot and everything else except trees. basically we were just havin fun out there yellin "BFI" at the bfi trucks..ha..anyways...so after awhile i figured i should draw atleast one tree...so i went over around the side of the building and sat on this brick thing and drew this tree...it kinda rocked ...but what rocked even more was this lady pulled over on the curb and asked me if i drew children...she wants me to draw a picture of her daughter for her bday invitations...so i got a job already...i duno if she is gonna pay me or not but it was cool...i felt like an artist or somethin..ha. so she is gonna call me bout that i guess...and another cool thing...colin was tellin me that a homeless guy came up to him and told him he would pay him 25 bones to draw him ...but colin doesnt draw portraits..so he asked me if i did...so that would be another cool thing to do. we will see...
so..i upgraded my meal plan from a 10 meal a week to a 15 meal a week. which is good but could be dangerous. but i told myself that i am gonna stop eating so much carbs. so today i ate the same thing for lunch and dinner. i had roast beef...well atleast i think it was...it was some kind of beef that was really good. and then i had potatoes [not mashed but those little red ones] and peas and carrots and thats it. so im doin good so far..but we will see how long this lasts. tonight for dinner i hung out w/ shannon. he already had ate dinner but he said that he would go anyways w/ me to hang out b/c he had extra meals he wanted to get rid of i guess...but he ended up not even using one b/c we went in the cafeteria when someone else was coming out..so we got a freebee dinner ...cha-ching. but it was cool hangin out w/ shannon...he watched me try to eat my roast beef that wasnt cut b/c there were no knifes. ask him how embarrased he was...ha...but he was sweet- instead of sinking down in his chair tryin to hide..he went and got me some napkins..ha. so we chilled there for awhile and talked bout stuff. shannon rocks! he is like one of my best guy friends..im glad that we are at the same skool now b/c we used to only talk on aim and we never had even really talked in person until star day. we had been friends for almost a whole year and only hung out w/ him in person like one time.. but now we hang out all the time and we can go to all the concerts together. [rotton eggnog fo life]

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