02 September 2002

my whole 3 day weekend is over ALREADY. boo. i was lucky to get a 3 day weekend atleast tho b/c the other colleges my friends go to like william and mary and cnu both had skool today...so haha. but anyways. i had a good weekend in the burg hangin out w/ the farinos as always. last night- me, joy, shannon, and brandy went to see 'my big fat greek wedding' the movie. it was my second time seeing the movie but it was worth seein again and paying $7.25 for b/c it is a halarious movie. if you havent seen it yet then you must. but the main reason i like it is b/c even tho they are greek they definately remind me of an italian family. after the movie we went to go see brandy and marna's apartment. it was really sweet place. i wish marna was there but she wasnt cuz she had a soccer game. but me and brandy got to hang out which was good b/c i havent hung out w/ her in a long time. we watched the video that brandy taped of cnu's celebration service [this all worship meeting at cnu] . i really wanted to see marna sing b/c i didnt get to go. it was last thursday night and it was my dads bday. but i got to watch alot of it and marna sang so good. i give her big ups! and also april, mark, and nate did awesome too. it is awesome to see how the Lord is moving at every college. after we watched that video we watched the video of 'the call' that was awesome watchin that. alot of the footage was of us girls [me, brandy, marna, joy, and shannon] drivin around new york makin fun of everything and then there was like 10 minutes of 'the call' but still awesome. we didnt leave their apartment until 2 in the morning. eesh. and we talkin to marna on the phone in the car on the way home. we picked my car up at starbucks and then i went home to sleeeep until 12 the next day when joy called me and woke me up to go to lunch at crackerbarrel w/ her and michelle. so that was good i hadnt seen michelle in a long time. so we hung out and talked bout her goin to the benny hinn crusade...and how powerful that was. i wish that i could have gone but i guess i wasnt suposed to. butttt after lunch we went back to the farinos house and played ping pong. i started off good...i beat joy, michelle, and vinny, then i played derik and lost then from then on...i dont think i did very good...ha. i love ping pong tho...its the funnest game. PINg.....PONg

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