01 September 2002

hey kids. im homeee. i got back to the burg on friday night and i went to stop by church to see if i could catch anyone. it was like 945 when i got there so i knew alot of ppl werent gonna be there but i figured some ppl would be. so i went in and alot of my peeps were there. they all ran up and attacked me and were really excited to see me. so i felt special. so i chilled there for about an hour hangin out and talkin. after that i went home to my house, empty room, and my family...yay. my mommy made my bed for me so i dove right in and slept like a baby. i finally got to sleep in w/ no disturbances...i slept till around 11 and then i got up and called kristy. kristy is the girl that does my hair for me..[cuts it, dyes, styles it, whatever] so i called her and i had an apointment at 12 but she had gotten in early so i went ahead in at like 11:15.i originally went in to rebleach my roots that all grew out and we did that..but then there was a change of plans. she told me that if i want to dread my hair then i cant do it when it is bleached b/c its all dead and she was scared it would all fall out. so we dyed it black. it rocks tho. its nice havin it all one color again. now i can wear it down. i like my hair blond and i miss it but my hair rocks black too. sooo..next for my day of events. i went to joys house. we chilled and then we went to ukrops to eat lunch and it was rainin out so we wanted to just sit out in the rain and talk. so we went over to starbucks..i got my caramel frap and we sat outside under the overhang and watched the rain and talked bout stuff. it was cool..that rain rocks. thennn we went to the store and got brownie mix to make brownies and here is the fun part of my day. we didnt have any eggs for the brownies and we didnt feel like drivin back to the store again so i was like thinkin bout how in movies and tv shows ppl just go and ask their next store neighbor for some eggs. so i was like hey why dont we just do that...and joy was like "ha...i dare you"..so i was like "sure whatever...ill do it, it will be fun" so in the rain i ran over to the next door neighbors house. the first of three! the first house didnt have any eggs...the second house no body answered the door even tho i know there was somebody there and the third house i knocked on the door...this little boy ran up to the door-looked at me for a sec and then ran away- so i was thinkin...hmmm should i knock again or should i just wait to see if he gets his rents? his dad finally came to the door and was looking at me weird. i said "i was wonderin if i could have 2 eggs" he said "sure, hold on a sec" he came back with the eggs and didnt smile or anything just handed them over and i said "thanx alot" and he said "yea" and shut the door...so im thinkin..."i did not just do that!..ha..i rock" i walked back to joys house w/ the eggs and she was like "i cant believe you did that" so i felt cool...we made the brownies..i licked the bowl...and then when they were done i ate a brownie. so by this time it was around 9 or so. and joy was like..we shouldve rented a movie and i said...we should go to a movie. so we looked on the comp to see what was playin and we decided to see blue crush. i heard two different things bout the movie...one-it was cheese, two-it was really good. so i figured i would check it out. plus surfing is cool to watch. so me and joy drove to the theater and i was about to pay and the guy was like just go ahead in...so we got to see the movie free which was awesome cuz i didnt feel like spendin seven bones anyways. [reveiw on blue crush] ok it was pretty good. it was definately a girls movie. the surfing scenes were good except the main girl wasnt really surfing..you could tell that her face was digitally placed on someone elses body. other then that...there was a love story kinda sorta and yea in the end she surfed the big wave...the end. whoo hoo BOO. i prolly wouldnt ever see the movie again but it was good enough to see it for free. --aight time for bed...night my many veiwers...sike..you thats reading this right now...yup your prolly the only one...feel special

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